Saturday 14/11/09

So Australia done well in the cricket and tiger woods is over here BIG WHOOP! Anywayz In school Im known as the emo one and this girl who hates me and I know about it too, I've known this for awhile but its getting beyond the joke now ever second my class call me emo and I tell them im not then shes like are you sure. So we were like in Math yesterday and my two friends and i were talking (she also hangs with us) cause my friends and i fight over seats and i sat in my friends seat, then my other friend goes you will have seven years bad luck but i sat in the seat anyways because I dont believe in bad luck and then I said "yer well I must already have it then" I joked and the girl piped up and sai "and you will be called emo for the rest of your life so your better of admitting that you are" I glaired at her and told her this "well im not emo so there is no point me admitting to something im not" then she said to me "well how come I have seen scars across your wrists" OMFG it was one F***ING TIME GET OVER IT.... scream