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insert your mum here
1) Smoked weed or cigs: Just had one.
2) Consumed alcohol: Yes.
3) Slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex: Yes.
4) Slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex: Goddamn mate!
5) Made out with someone of the opposite sex: Yeahs.
6) Made out with someone of the same sex: Yes,
7) Had someone in your room of the opposite sex: Yes
9) Bought porn: Uh... Actually.. I have.
10) Done drugs: Stupid Acid.

11) Taken pain killers: yes
12) Taken someone elses prescription medicine: yeah
13) Lied to your parents: yeah
14) Lied to a friend: yeah
15) Snuck out of the house: yeah
16) Done something illegal: yeah
17) Cut yourself: goddamn.
19) Wished someone to die: Yes.
20) Seen someone die: I-i have..

21) Missed curfew: yeah
22) Stayed out all night: Yes.
23) Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself: yeah XD
24) Been to a therapist: Yes.
25) Been to rehab: Yes. All the past now.
26) Dyed your hair: My hair is naturally pink?
27) Recieved a ticket: Damnc coppers.
28 )Been in a wreck: yes
29) Been to a club: Techno club!

31) Been to a wild party: Yes
32) Seen the Mardi Gras: Surprisingly, I have. Best day ever.
34) Had a summer break in Florida: Once.
35) Sniffed anything: Psh. Yes.
36) Wore black nail polish: Yes~
37) Wore arm bands: Yes.
38 )Wore t-shirts with band names: Yep.
39) Listened to rap: Yes.
40) Own a 50 cent cd: ******** no.

41) Dressed gothic: Yes.
42) Dressed prep: Yes.
43) Dressed punk: Been to England. Yes.
44) Dressed grunge: Yes.
45) Stole something: Yes.
46) Been too drunk to remember anything: Yep.
47) Blacked out: Yes.
48 )Fainted: I hate that. Yes. But I love you Lucious!
49) Had a crush on your neighbor: Lucy use to be my neighbor. :}
50) Had someone sneak into your room: Yes!

51) Snuck into someone else's room: Yes..
52) Had a crush on someone of the same sex: Yes. Actually... iBlackVeilMortician. Best Ex.
53) Been to a concert: YES!
54) Dry humped someone: >.< Shush,
55) Been called a slut: Once. Why?!
56) Called someone a slut: Once!
57) Installed speakers in your car: I did. I fail!
58 )Broke a mirror: XD Yes.
59) Showered at someone of the opposites sex's house: Does it count if they joined me too? XD :} I was 7.
60) Brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush: Yes.

61) Consider ludacris your favorite rapper: Once....
62) Seen an R rated movie in theaters: Yes.
63) Cruised the mall: I love the Galleria
64) Skipped school: Yes.
65) Had an eating disorder: Yes... But.. It lasted one month. I have amazing friends.
66) Had an injury: :}
67) Gone to court: Yes.
68 )Walked out of a resteraunt without paying: :}
69) Caught something on fire: Yes.
70) Lied about your age: Why not lie?

71) Owned an apartment: Yes.
72) Cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend: I was extremely drunk..
73) Been cheated on: Yes.
74) Got in trouble with the police: Once.
75) Talked to a stranger: Yes
76) Hugged a stranger: Yes.
77) Kissed a stranger: Yes.
78 ) Rode in the car with a stranger: Yes.
79) Been sexually harassed: Yes. I such a loving boyfriend to kick their arse.
80) Been verbally harassed: Yes.

81) Met face to face with someone you met online: Yep.
82) Stayed online for 12 hours straight: Yep.
83) Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours straight: Yes,
84) Watched tv for 12 hours straight: Yes!
85) Been to a fair: Chortle... Yes.
86) Been called a bad influence: Quite... Though I am a nice person.
87) Cursed: ******** nah.. X]
8icon_cool.gif Prank called someone: :}
89) Laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex: Yes.
90) Cheated on a test: It was one goddamn question!

91) Cheated on homework: Yeah
92) Recieved/given a handjob: Not necessarily.
93) Been pushed into a pool: Yes!
94) Played pool: necessarily.
95) Watched 5 hours of MTV straight: Yes.
96) Had a crush on someone 10 years older than you: Yeah...
97) Had a crush on someone younger: XDD
9icon_cool.gif Wear eyeliner: DUH!
99) Skinny dipped: Yes. In Lake Titicaca. XD Jkjk. It was at the beach.
100) Laughed at someone who was seriously hurt: Yes.

That is high! :/

They said: Can't Believe You Made It This Far!

10-20= Goodie two shoes!
21-30= A Little Rebelious
31-40= Getting hot baby!
41-50= REBEL!
51-60= Total Bad Girl/Boy!
61-70= Meanie!
71-80= Can't Believe You Made It This Far!
81-90= Bad a**!
91-100= See You In Hell!

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  • [01/15/10 09:53pm]
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