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This header has been be-headed.

Copy X MK-II
Community Member
I'm unabashedly bored.

If anyone reads this silly thing, add me.


We can play chess, literati, checkers or pool or something. If you add me via Yahoo.

Otherwise, I don't know, we can chat chaos or something.

For the record, no, I don't have any sense.

I tried evoking their god.
Of course
It was a half-assed, drunken attempt, more of a try at metaphysically poking and annoying the entity in question
It ultimately failed. Nothing happened. Nothing! Okay...

So for a brief moment it felt like something was in the room with me,
For a brief moment I felt something on my leg,

One: I was drunk
Two: ... I was drunk

It was, most likely, 100% Vodka.

That said, I was so looking forward to communing with the patron deity of masturbation! Get it? Ha, no. You probably don't.

Though, I DID manage to evoke something:

~ My overly religious aunt (who visited this morning and for who I was rudely awakened to go and say 'hello')
~ And a ******** disk boot error.

Also, because I love to complain, I'm really, really sleepy and allergies. I also feel 'off'. I've been feeling 'off' for a while, though, and it's also likely just the booze having it's way with me. I never get hang-overs, so this feeling off must be my comeuppance.


Copy X MK-II
Community Member

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