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About my bf, my 6 bffs and I. We have so much fun hanging out!
The Nymph

A mythical creature depicted in many cultures but mainly Greek. They were young female spirits tied to a particular area or landform. Listed below are the names of different Nymphs, their names and their “Homes”.

• Auloniads – Pastures
• Leimakids – Meadows
• Oreads – Mountains
• Dryads – Trees
• Hamadryads - Oak trees
• Epimeliad – Apple Trees
• Naiads – Fresh Water
• Crinaeae - Fountains
• Eleionomae – Marshes
• Hyades – Rain
• Limnades – Lakes
• Potomeides – Rivers
• Nephelae – Clouds

Nymphs are bonded to their sources. Say a Naiads lake dried up, she would die, or if a Dryads tree is chopped down, she will also die. There are times when a nymph can just be injured. Like if someone picks an apple off the tree an Epimeliad lives in, she would feel like she was being hit, but she wouldn’t die.

Naturally peace loving, nymphs aren’t known to make war, but they will fight back if threatened or cornered. They’re very beautiful and often attract Saytres (Half man half goat). They can be vain and selfish if in the mood.

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