The Ashes of the Fog, Chapter 11
The Crater of Obli: Part 1

Uriel –come everyone, let’s head towards the crater.
Kiyo – Uriel, what for?
Uriel – there’s scroll that we need to find, in there.

Every thing was calm on the way down the cliff, not even a fly came across. It was too weird, it was too quite, the good thing is that at least we had some time to take a breather; really haven’t had time to stop running since we left Barton. Still it’s strange; those spider monsters were sent to kill us, who could have sent them? Probably the bad guys, could they’ve known about our emblems? Whoa really if they did, that was ******** fast. I haven’t been here too long, let’s see, day 1, goo covered door knob, Enia and Lojel cabin. Day 2 we reached Barton town got attack by monsters, meet Uriel, lost Lojel, and loss consciousness. Day 3, crashed with Kensjins and Tekle, later attacked by a bunch of killer Spiders and saved thanks to the assistance of Little Blackfire, Tamoko, Sullan Blackstar, Chiki, and Yubisa. Now, still day 3 and we are heading towards the crater. Really, how the bad guys know about our existence so fast? Well I guess I’ll find out once I get to them, eventually like every story with heroes, the chosen heroes meet the bad guys at some point. I bet that we will meet them by day 5 or 6, ha ha ha ha. For now we need to find that scroll that Uriel said we need to find.
Sullan Blackstar – Woa, this rock is so hard, and black.
Kensjins – Yes man, I knowww you know, Wooohooo.
Sullan Blackstar – what do I do with it?
Kensjins – you can do tons of things you know, like throwing it, and throwing it and…
Tekle – it isn’t for anything else right?
Kensjins – Paper weight.
Sullan Blackstar – Woohoo, nice paper weight, yeah.
Tekle – You both are hopeless.
Little Blackfire – Don’t say that to them.
(Kensjins – hey, I traded you the Woohoo, you can’t use it)
(Sullan Blackstar – I don’t care, I invented it)
*Sullan Blackstar and Kensjins on Background fighting*
Tekle – We’ll they are, look at them they are both fighting
Little Blackfire – Hey you two don’t fight, and Tekle you are rude saying that.
Tekle – Really, I’m not being rude, I’m just being realistic that’s all.
Little Blackfire – Realistic my…
Tekle – You know what? Never mind. Going to talk to Yubisa you take care of the imbeciles.
Little Blackfire – Rude, Blackstar, Kensjins stop fighting.
Tekle – Hey Yubisa, what do you think Uri’s scroll is about?
*Yubisa holding Tamoko by the arm*
Yubisa – Really I don’t know, but if it brings us to a treasure it will be the best scroll ever.
Tekle – I doubt it, cu’s Uriel isn’t exited at all, he looks worried though.
Yubisa – I don’t know why are you asking me all this, we just meet.
*Tekle steps closer to Yubisa*
Tekle – mentirosa, tu sabes muy bien quien es el. (Liar, you know very well who he is)
Yubisa – Shsss.
Tekle – No pierdas vista de tu mission. (Don’t lose track of your mission)
Tamoko – What language are you both speaking?
Yubisa and Tekle – Non of your business.
Tamoko – yessh, don’t get so mad.

*Enia while walking behind Kiyo and Uri*
Enia – hey Chiki, are you always this calm?
Chiki – Me calm, are you out of your mind, I’m just tired.
Enia – Ehh!!
Chiki – Yeap, just tired, haven’t had a nice sleep in a while, uhm let me think, it have been 4 days since I had a good sleep, so I basically been slow with things.
Enia - … but didn’t Little Blackfire and Yubisa recue you?
Chiki – Well, it wasn’t Blackfire, it was Yubisa. I was already with Yubisa and kinda sat down for a while and when I came to notice, Yubisa was gone and a big Spider was attacking me. I was too tired to really do anything so I just screamed for help.
Enia – ehh… wait a sec, you mean you just didn’t wanted to fight?
Chiki – No, I was too tired to fight, it’s easier to let other do the fighting for you, in this case Yubisa, although sometimes she can be really rude.
Enia – you impressed me, really, I thought you were shy or just couldn’t talk or something.
Chiki – Meeeee, shy or couldn’t talk… you couldn’t been more mistaken.
*Yubisa while holding Tamoko’s arm closing on Enia and Chiki conversation*
Yubisa – You got her started, now it be hard to get her to shusss
Enia –uh! What?
Chiki – Me not talk, hahaha that aspersed, you know I can tell you ton’s of story. By the way weren’t you the girl that lived on the wooden cabin in the Sakura fields. You were there with that strange dude, uhm Lojel was his name I think, woa what were you thinking really, that dude wasn’t really that hot, and he looked evil, really. Also didn’t you used to live at Shinden Palace. Wait weren’t you some kind…
Yubisa – Chiki enough.
*Enia shocked*
Enia – Ho..w…how you know all that? Who are you people, how you know so much about me?
Yubisa – This isn’t the time to tell you all this.
Enia – I demand to know, now.
Chiki – Okay!
Yubisa – Chikiiii, NO. You will know went the time comes princess.
*Enia shocked*
Enia – sssh, don’t call me that here.
Yubisa – hehehe.
Tamoko – Really you people are very suspicious.
Yubisa – Shut up and don’t question or おまえをころす (I’ll kill you)
Tamoko – or what?
*Yubisa looks very evil onto Tamoko eyes*
Yubisa – OR I’ll Kill YOU, BUAHAHHAHA
*Tamoko little frighten*
Tamoko – You are really weird.

*Uriel and Kiyo stopping at the crater entrance*
Uriel – This is it, the entrance.
Kiyo – Yeah, I can see that.
Uriel – We should camp here, soon it will be night.
Kiyo – How can you know, there’s no sunset.
Uriel – I just know, and I have a watch that tells the time, of course.
Kiyo – Ohhh… I really hate you.
Tekle – So are you two going to set camp, or will be talking all night.
Uriel – Yeah, let’s set up camp.
Tekle – I hope that as in We, you mean the both of you because we already finished.
*Kiyo and Uriel look at the well placed Tents of the others*
Kiyo – Woa that was fast…
Uriel – Why are you so impressed, I’m all set.
Kiyo – WHAT?!
Enia – Kiyo, here you may need this.
*Enia gives Kiyo some pills*
Kiyo – How did he… uh! What do I need pills for?
Enia – Don’t you remember? This is how we set camp.
*Kiyo spaces out for a moment and remembers when Lojel took some pills and pressed a button and puff, the tents came out all well set, with room for five people*
Kiyo – Oh yeah, now I remember, I pressed this button and throw the pill into the ground and puff the tent comes out.
*Kiyo presses the button and throws it in the ground*
Enia – No wait Kiyo don’t…
*the pills turned into the tent and with the wind it flew off*
*Kiyo Shocked*
Kiyo –Eh!
Enia – You needed to place it in the ground, cu’s of the wind.
*Kiyo shocked*
Kiyo – It flew away
Kensjins – Woa man that was dumb
Enia – come Kiyo there’s more room in my tent.
*Enia holds Kiyo’s hand*
Kiyo – It flew away
*Yubisa hold Kiyo by the arm and Enia stares*
Enia – What are you doing?
Yubisa – He’ll be sleeping in Uriel’s tent. Just to be precautious.
Enia – Of what?
Yubisa – You know what I mean, prin…
Enia – Okay, he sleeps with Uriel.
*Kiyo still traumatized*
Kiyo – It flew off.

*later that night at Tekle’s tent*
Tekle – Why are you here?
Yubisa – The same question I must be doing to you.
Tekle – Well I was heading towards Barton, when I was dragged by Kensjins, later to crash with Uriel and Kiyo. What about you?
Yubisa – I was going to Sakura Fields, to find the princess like ordered, but lucky me that I find her without going to Sakura fields. You were supposed to do a thing as well.
Tekle – Yes, it was to find Uriel and the last emblem user, which is Kiyo. Really we both got lucky on completing our missions, now we need to get back to the Palace.
Yubisa – Yes I know, but let’s keep going for a while, at least until we get the scroll, it may become of use, in the future.
Tekle – That’s the best idea you had you know. Enough about them, what should we do with the others?
Yubisa – Kensjins, SullanBlackstar are disposable, Little Blackfire as well once we get her tiara of out of her hands.
Tekle – When shall we do that?
Yubisa – Do I have to think for you, while in the Crater of Obli.
Tekle – Icewolf is in that area looking for the scroll isn’t he?
Yubisa – Yes, and I bet Apsaras and Bolt were the ones that sent the Spiders to kill us. I think the boss got tired of waiting.
Tekle – He isn’t to patient, Kiyo just got back into this dimension and we finally learned Enias location.
Yubisa – Yeap, he dislike to wait, and sent the Apsaras and Bolt to help.
Tekle –They aren’t following us.
Yubisa – They must be looking for Lojel, they know that Icewolf is down here, so they won’t even bother to come to us. Have you had any communication with Central.
Tekle – No, I lost my receiver on Barton entrance, thanks to that imbecile of Kensjins, what about yours?
Yubisa – Got destroyed in the last battle, thanks to Little Blackfire uncontrolled ice attack.
Tekle – We basically need to meet with Icewolf, hey now that I notice you haven’t said anything about Tamoko, what gives?”
Yubisa – He’s a perfect specimen for my experiment, you’ll see soon.
Tekle – Te entiendo (I get you)
Yubisa – Going off to sleep, see you in when day comes.
Tekle – Understood.

Day came and we head into the Crater, packing with flashlights and lots of matches we head inside. Into the unknown we head, to find the scrolls.