This is the mostly the same as the other entry though I have made a few changes to the story line and that's why I've posted the whole thing again. In case anybody wanted to read it in order. Any who. There is about 2 or 3 pages worth more then the other entry. biggrin Hope you like it.

“What is she?” asked the curios boy sitting in front of the old television set. On the scene was a news report on the Mecha story. It had been floating around for some time that a girl was in control of the Mecha but no one had any hard evidence. The man standing in the kitchen turned to the boy and glanced at the T.V.
“She’s a Bio-Human,” he said washing his hands. He dried them on a cloth and then grabbed the boy and took him to the couch. “She was born a little human girl just like you were born a boy but her parents were bio engineers and wanted to make their daughter special.”
The boy starred off into space while his ears listened to the story. “I worked at the technology center long before you were born and her parents asked me to do something. They gave me solid plans for two small computer chips. You know those things inside remotes and your eye and ear pieces.
One would be able to latch to the girl and the other would be placed in a Mecha. This way, they told me, the two would be connected for life.” The whispered tones of the old man ran along the room until the T.V. buzzed and the little boy slid from the couch to play with a toy. The man watched the young boy play until the rain dribbled down the window.

“Eva!” yelled Macy a tall girl standing by the street corner. She wore her gray and red school uniform with pizzazz as best a girl could. Her blonde hair was tied back under her red umbrella and her gray jacket buttoned up with the schools red emblem blazing on the left breast.
“I’m coming, I’m coming,” said Eva as she walked up to Macy. She wore exactly the same uniform as her friend. Though, she wasn’t as tall as the blonde she looked just as wonderful. Her hair was cut at an angle down toward her face and was short in the back. At least shorter then the average look of a Merit Private High School student but no one could complain; she had the money to attend.
The red and yellow school bus slowed down in front of the pair and opened its doors with a swish. The girls climbed on and found a seat amidst the throng of blaring students. They sat calmly listening to the younger students whisper to each other while the elder ones talked loud enough for the gossip to travel. The two girls glanced at one another and took out their cell phones.
‘Did you go out last night and ride Zavier?’ Texted Macy turning her phone toward Eva.
‘Yes. I don’t have a choice.’ Replied Eva showing Macy her phones screen.
‘That doesn’t mean you should.’ Macy wrote back then glanced at Eva but she didn’t look up. Eva knew the look was coming and she knew she deserved it.
‘I can not help it. It calls me as if we’re connected.’
‘Maybe you are. Who knows.’
‘Nobody knows and I will most likely never find the truth.’

“Daniel!” Called the old man from the kitchen. “What are you watching now?”
“The Mecha Girl is on again,” said the boy from in front of the couch. He wasn’t sitting on it he was scampering around on the floor with his robot toys.
“I wish you were old enough to go to school,” whispered the old man as he walked into the living room. He sat his old body down on the couch and watched the boy. “Do you remember what I told you last night?”
“Yes,” said the boy starring at the T.V. screen.
“Would you like to hear more?”
“Yes!” The boy turned to the man excited.
The man knew the young boy was a generation in knowledge beyond his fellow five year olds and would be able to understand the rest of the story. “Shortly after the chips where attached the parents left the daughter and Mecha to me. I was to get them to their care taker. I did as I was told. After I had finished I went back to my own life and for a week or so things were good.” The boy blinked.
“But after awhile there were reports on the news. I didn’t listen to them but then a coworker got me to and I realized what they were about. They were on the girl’s parents. The plane they had been on crashed into the ocean. People were going nuts about it. They had made the plane themselves and being engineers it should have been one of the best. But they were and still are missing.”
“What happened to the girl?” the boy asked.
“She was taken away from this town and sent to another. She has remained there under a different name then her parents, ever since.”
“Wouldn’t she want to know them?” asked the boy.
“It was in there Will that she wasn’t supposed to know.”
“Then…does anybody know who she really is? What she looks like?”
“I do and so does the care taker. But that is all.”
“That is all.” Repeated the boy. The man got up from the couch and returned to the kitchen. The young boy returned to his toys and replayed the stories on his eye piece and recording headset. The room died of words and the day grew on.

Macy walked off the bus with a smile on her face followed by a slightly gloomy Eva. They walked up to the two story brick building following a stone walkway. Two boys hurried to their sides and began walking in step with them. They were both brunettes and looked identical in their short hair cuts and matching uniforms. In truth they were identical because they were twins.
“Jake,” Eva said to the boy on her right. “Justin.” She turned to the twin on Macy’s left. Eva was the only person that had ever been able to tell the difference between the boys. Macy smiled at the boy on her left and grabbed his hand in mock interest.
Justin stuck his tongue out at Macy. “Let go of my hand Mace. Your going to rip my fingers off!” Macy let go but her smile widened. She had a crush on Justin but didn’t want to make anything of it because of their long lasting friendship. Eva had no feelings for either of the twins just a mild trust. Her feelings never really came up in any conversation she had with Macy because Eva had none. She had never ‘felt’ anything as Macy had described it to her once.
“Eva?” asked Jacob beside her. Eva’s one blue eye and one purple eye turned to him. His body shook as the unnatural purple eye locked onto his green irises. The mechanical eye was nothing unusual in this day of age but for it to be purple was unusual and it had a chilling effect on those it pried on.
“Yes, Jacob?” she questioned him lightly.
“How-How is your day going?” He glanced over at his tall twin on the other side of Macy. Their eyes met quickly telling him that he had to be strong. Jacob looked back down at Eva. As he did they began climbing the short stairs to the large double doors leading into the main hallway.
“Its going...” she hesitated for a moment setting Jacob and herself off guard. “Okay.” She finished then glanced at the floor. Eva was not a person to hesitate, stutter, or pause when she spoke. She was blunt and orderly with everything she did. She had little humor and most of the other students didn’t like her because she was a stone cold wall. But Macy loved her for this fact because she herself was a bold, over energetic, person.
“Is something wrong?” Jacob asked as they stopped at their lockers. They, Macy, Eva, and the Twins, had full sized lockers near the double doors. This was the mark of a senior attending Merit Private High School.
Eva eyed him quickly before opening her locker door. “No.”
Jacob smirked into his locker at her reply. Back to normal, he thought. He wondered what had happened only seconds earlier and then hoped he could see it again. The four of them hurried off to their classes backpacks full of textbooks.

As the girls took off for their gym class the boys waved and moved down the hall. Eva and Macy walked into the girls locker room to change into their school shorts and shirt. Eva’s locker was near the back wall hidden in the corner of the room; Macy’s wasn’t far off. Eva pulled her clothes from the locker without a word but Macy had noticed Eva’s earlier hesitation and had a question.
“Eva,” she asked. “What happened on your last ride with Zavier?”
Zavier was the name of Eva’s Mechanically Engineered Body Enhancement Suit. Also known as a Mecha or Machine Body. They were large, usually as tall as a forty story building and were primarily used in the military. Zavier was the newest and most elegant experiment. Many people had tried to hunt down Zavier and his rider but to no avail. Eva had the best hiding place for his large bulk and it wasn’t going to be uncovered anytime soon.
Eva didn’t look up at Macy as she changed her clothes. “Nothing.”
“Something happened,” Macy pulled her jacket off then unbuttoned her red undershirt. “You’ve changed Eva. You never hesitate. I’ve been your Guardian since we were children. I know these things.”
Eva sucked in a heavy breath and let it out as she pulled her buttoned shirt off exposing her unique skin. Luckily none of the other girls in the class had chosen a locker in the back; if they had they wouldn’t know what to say about Eva’s skin. In the center of her chest, right where her ribcage started to separate, was a glowing purple circle. It was under her skin and glowed lightly when bare. Lately though the glowing was moving along thin lines that shot from the circle and along her body in random directions.
“Jesus,” Macy whispered. “The lines have gotten farther.” Macy looked up at Eva’s face. “It’s because you’ve been riding Zavier more often.”
Eva didn’t meet Macy’s eyes but finished getting dressed and threw her uniform into her locker not caring if they came out with wrinkles something she never did. Eva thought about the wrinkles for a moment and sighed opening her locker again. She pulled out the coat and shirt then hung them on the hanger. She grabbed the other hanger and began clipping her skirts waist in.
“Eva,” Macy was serious. She closed her locker and waited patiently for Eva to finish. When she finally turned to Macy her face was sullen. “Eva, what is happening to you? Your becoming more and more emotional.”
Eva’s unnatural eyes met Macy’s hazel rounds. “The last time I rode Zavier...” Her eyes traveled to the cement floor and her body tensed as she shakily said the words. “Zavier... he... used an attachment last time... it came from outside the orb.... and... and...”
She couldn’t even say it. Macy put her hand on Eva’s shoulder. “And what Eva?”
Eva opened her mouth just as the gym teacher Mrs. Marcom screamed into the door. “Time to come out ladies!”
Macy looked into Eva’s eyes. Eva looked back and let out her held breath to start over as they walked toward the door to the gym. “It connected with my orb....I have one inside of me... that’s what the purple is... I have an orb that connects to Zavier...”
Eva and Macy didn’t continue the conversation as they walked out into the gym. The other girls had lined up on the basketball courts black outline awaiting orders from Mrs. Marcom. Eva and Macy hurried to line up eyeing each other with a few glances.

Macy and Eva walked back hurriedly into the locker room after class. They were sweaty, their muscles hurt but they stripped quickly and bolted to the showers. Eva always used the handicapped shower stall because of her uniqueness but Macy ran for the community shower. She pushed the handle feeling the hot water fall over her sweaty body.
Another girl walked into the steamy cube and took the shower across from her. The next few girls took the head showers giggling about something. The last group of girls walked in and grabbed the showers around Macy.
The girl closest to her began her water and soaked her skin before starting to cover herself with the dispensed soap. As she ran soap over her arms she asked Macy, “Why does Eva hide in the handicapped shower?”
Macy didn’t reply. She finished washing her hair and turned her water off and sauntered her tall blonde body away from the girl. Her skinny wet form walked towel free out of the steam, she knew they couldn’t help but stare at her lanky back and round butt. Though their was something new on her back that she wanted them to see.
In between her shoulder blades was a new tattoo, lines and swirls, dots and egg shapes intertwined around an elegant eye that’s iris was purple. Macy stopped at the end of the shower turned slightly to grab her towel and sneak a glance at the other girls. Most of their mouths had hit the floor. She smirked and wrapped the towel around herself heading back toward her locker.
Eva was already dressed and sitting patiently on the steel bench. Her hands rubbed each other slowly. Macy opened her locker and began to dry her body off.
“I don’t know why Mace but it freaked me out,” Eva didn’t look up at Macy’s long body. She knew what it looked like. She new the tattoo was there though Macy hadn’t told her. Eva had picked up on the way Macy let her shoulders stay loose all day. Never pulling them too far forward and back letting the skin stay loose. She had already witnessed Macy’s fast wince the first time she had opened her locker. Eva noticed everything.
“What happened when you were connected?” Macy grabbed her clothes and ditched the towel on the ground. She turned away deliberately trying to get a word from Eva about the tattoo. Macy began pulling her clothes on slowly.
“We...” Eva whispered as she listened to the other girls closeness. “I could control him in ways I’ve never been able to. I could move his body with my own. If I move he moves. Before I had to use controls that I pulled or pushed. But... I feel him when we’re connected. His body, his movement, his personality. He is his own entity, his own intelligence.”
Macy turned back to Eva forgetting about her tattoo. As she pulled her skirt on her mouth opened. “So, your telling me Zavier, a machine, has his own mind?”
Eva didn’t look up at her questioning Guardian. “Yes... he’s so unique. When we’re connected it’s as if we are one being. That he is an extension of my body. And he can talk to me when the connection is in place.”
“Now that’s just crazy Eva.” Macy slid her undershirt on and started to button it. “Zavier can’t possibly talk to you. He’s a machine.”
Eva looked up at Macy compelled to get her to understand. Macy almost fainted at the pained expression on Eva’s face. No expression had ever crossed Eva’s face as this did. It turned her eyebrows down along with the corners of her mouth. She looked so sad and lost.
“He can... he does...” The bell rang stating that they had five minutes to get to their next class. Eva stood grabbing her backpack but keeping her eyes on Macys. “Zavier is connected to me... We are one person when the connection is made. When I’m inside of him and our orbs are attached. We feel the same things, share thoughts and emotions.”
Macy sat silently, not knowing how to respond to Eva, then she shouldered her backpack and headed out the door. Eva followed wondering what she should say to Macy. They only had one class until lunch started and then the Twins would be with them again. Could she get Macy to ditch the twins and talk about Zavier or should she just try and talk during their next class.
Eva’s shoulders slumped and her eyes fell to the hallway’s tiled floor. The hint of perfume filled the air, Martha the captain of the cheerleading team. A loud burst of woots and howls erupted beside her, Jamie, Darien, and Mark the senior football players. Her eyes glanced up to see three pins, each stating ‘Chess Club Rocks’ they were pinned to the chests of Lily, Sora, and Jon the only three seniors in the chess club.
All of the people she passed she could recognize in seconds using, their smell, their sounds, their clothing, and their movement. Her brain had be hard wired to do so and without choosing to Eva knew and memorized each individual person. The people she met with daily got first priority, meaning she would search for those people first then make out the rest. But her brain also searched for suspicious people. For some unknown reason she feared Engineers and Scientists and had a slight discomfort around doctors. No matter what she did being around any of those types of people sparked her ‘that’s a bad person’ gut instinct.
Luckily she rarely got that feeling at school and enjoyed being in contact with all of her classmates. But for the moment she wasn’t feeling so good. Her guardian, Macy, was having a hard time believing that Eva’s Mecha was capable of talking. Eva had a feeling that Macy didn’t even know what to say and chose not to say anything. The problem for Eva was that Macy was suppose to help understand the troubles that accord with Eva. Anything from boys, to Zavier, and even protection.
For the last few years Eva and Macy had both been trying to figure out why Macy was a Guardian and why Eva would even need one. The only thing they could find out in all of their efforts was that the Guardian was connected to the Rider. In the military the Rider needs the Guardian as a scout or as a mission specialist. But in none-war life there was no need for either of those things leaving Macy a lot of things to figure out on her own.