RolePlays: More of a DnD-like role plays, character is based off Forgotten Realms series of the Drow elves.

Name: Jingan Mal'rae


Abilities: Among innate Drow abilities (i.e basic levitation, faerie fire and darkness around a small area), his body resonates extremely abnormal heat meaning he can cause fire at will around himself or to consume a foe or cause an explosion.

Weapons of choice: Dual-wield twin blades, DW daggers, or DW swords.

Personality: Kind, playfull, thoughtful, thoughtless, serious in combat.

Unqiue skill: After killing his father, gained a curse that is slowly taking over his body, the curse gives an enhanced power at the cost of risking further infection. Gained a way to stabalize the curse to a degree. The curse has made his sight enhanced but at the loss of his regular eyes, what is under is now covered with a blindfold.

Outfit: Gear consists of mostly light-wheight clothing also with a few pieces of dark plate for further protection, Formal gear consists of full Platemail, or Avatar (only when i'm RPing will I change into my normal gear)