Once again it's the sinister cynical minister shady
Kryptonite to Superman, he's the dentist to Amy
Administer of the pain, just finished huffin' the paint
And muffler fumes, like it was nothing because it ain't
Anything in his way, his enemies he just slays
His venom he sprays reaches like beams of energy rays
Menacing stares, he glares making the hairs
All on the back of your neck stand like dracula yep
Spectacular rep, he's a tarantula gargantuant
Yeah Angela so I command ya to start dancing
Part manson, part hannibal, part mechanical shark
Throwing animal parts at Scarlett Johhanson
Enter my gas chamber, you're gangsta my ***
He's got his fangs to your neck
He's set to strangle your *** hater
You're facing a task greater, he's chasing your ***
He's got his face in a mask
your blood stains on his glass table
I'm checking the exposure of photo's of me exposing
Myself locked inside of a cosy hotel posing
With or without clothing, next to the decomposing
Bodies eroding while I'm dosing off overdosing
Windows opening/shutting, doors opening/closing
I think there's a ghost, too much hydrocodone and codeine
I was only suppose to swallow a half, I took the whole thing
I'm not joking, I think I just snorted my nose ring
I need a drink, I'm standing over the sink posing
Myself self-loathing cause I'm on the brink
Mostly I don't wanna think "This'll make everything rosie"
Beverly sings, scream while I'm severing three tosies
Totally frozen while I close in
I'm yoddeling "Rosie, won't you come out to play?"
No sense wasting time, cutting and pasting headlines in the papers
Making shrines of my crimes and capers
My words are whirlwinds, I murdered my girlfriends
Go to Europe and put neurofens in my syrup and stirred em
You never heard em, like this so don't encourage him
The neurosurgeon, coke mirrors and lyrics worsen
The kinda person to get Katie Couric to cursing
80 spirits of ladies, cause shady murdered the virgins
Crazy turner, even today he emerged to go for the world
And reeled in all the children
Lured them into the building and killed 'em
Buried them in the mud and mildew, and he will
Do what he feels, and still can spin
Straw into gold like Rumpelstiltskin
Cotton to silk, motrin to tylenol 3 pills
The real slim shady's entered the building
It's nothing but crumpled leaves and tumbleweeds up in this *****, Mildred
He's ill with it, he still shouldn't be healed
There's no one as sick as he, MC's will get freaken seat on the grill then
I wasn't born mean I was pushed to treachery
I walk the streets lookin' for some puss to fetch me
I'm like a veggie, brain is turned to mush, I'm edgy
Edgy enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie
If he don't give me Kim, things could get messy
So pass that *** to me, let me squish the left cheek
And press against the right one till it's smushed against me
And leave a dead body in the woods to MC
>With the Christopher Reeves beefWe started off on the wrong foot
Or should I say fake leg made out of wood
I shouldn't, yes I should
Riding through the hood, I'm chilling with Westwood
I'm quite mellow, A while fellow
My pee is bright yellow, I like Jello, I'm like Hello!To a cute little dyke on the mic, I'm kinda like... Kon Artis

See I'm the first one to class and the last to leave
I mean the first one to leave out of class, believe
That I'm a mailbox pimp in my heart til' I die
Even after I'm all gone and my ashes fry
Went from an ashy guy, class clown this high
To a grown *** man
Runyon ave's the click, D12's the gang
We been spittin' this **** since we was little baby's
Gaga Googoo nana, nanny doodoo? never
Word to my homie Em, I'm just too too clever
A 45 shot'll leave a ***** face lop-sided
The kick from the barrell make you think I'm c**k-eyeded
When I bust it off in the crowd, you start diving
Greg Louganis in over the bar, I ain't lyin'
Hot I ain't equal, It's not defying a soldier
Runyon Ave soldier equals death when it's over
There's nothing colder than ---- than understranded struggle
Fly the street muscle, We been had the hussle
We been had the hussle, We been had the muscle
Fly the street hussle, we been had the hussle
Me and Westwood blastin' off
Jackin off in a pair of acid wash, bumpin' Asher Roth
Cruise and grass it, til' I damn near crash the car
Tryna smash em off on the dash, hit the overpass went off
Over the bridge, and the oncoming traffic caused
A massive 42 car pile up, not a scratch at all
Hopped up holdin' an axe and saw
Jason mask is off, and my face is blasted in tobasco sauce
Spittin' flames, kickin' fire out your ***
little ***** you can pass it on in battery acid dog
You don't wanna get my *** ticked off
I'm harder than playing basketball
While I'm going through crack withdraw