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Writting! ;D
just abit of stuff i want to write down that i maybe thought of.
A monster
Okay, so this is just about a person in a story im writting.

Jack's head slowly edged up, his nose smelling the delicate air and the much abused lives. Almost forced to be alive, he could hardly feel the pulse of his love, Sam.
He studied her long black hair as it flowed off the bricks. The sun making it wonderfuly glossy. He felt himself fall apart again. It must have been true. If not, why was she on the ground still?
Jack shifted his body up to were he was sitting up next to Sam. She wasn't moving, at all. Not even that familaur heart beat. He put his ear gentely down to her chest, listening for it. After a while he pulled himself off her lifeless body. What he saw before, wasn't a dream. It was so real. Increadible.
His body shook rapidly, as he over came with guilt. His green eyes filled with mist as he took off his hat slowly, letting short black hair show. He watched the ground for a second then looked at his forsaken life beside him.
Sam was gone, so he would be aswell before the end of the night. He put his hat over her bloody ripped up face and he bit his lip slightly. He stood up looking at her for one last time. His bottom lip trembled slightly and he turned away from Sam.
Poor poor Sam.
He said to himself, shaking his head no. He took a few steps foward, his shoulder contracting as waves of convulsions split across his body. Jack's left eye shifted to a blackish color as the other to a red.
Poor poor..Sam
He reapeted once more. His lips went to a darkly color and he smirked, claws slowly forming into his finger tips. He knew that he would be a demon once more as soon as he finished his love.Saaam
He sang, as if he were calling out to her dead, lifeless body. His skin changed into a black shadow like substance as he continued to shake rapidly as he walked. He felt the ground that he walked burn.
He had been summond for to long. He looked up at the sun, then at Sam, wispering lightly.

Good bye my love. Good bye.

so tell me what you think!!! smile

Lynzii Lazerbeam
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Lynzii Lazerbeam
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