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Nekoda Nightblade~Supernatural Hybrid
This is the journal of Nekoda Nightblade, a supernatural hybrid. She's part vampire, part shapeshifter, part demon, part angel, and can control the elements. This is the story of her life, or is it really the story of her death??
My Parents
All of you reading this may be wondering about my "parents." Those of you who are, PLEASE notice the quotes. Thank you!

Anyway, my parents are.... not your average parents. To be blunt, my mom's the Queen of Vampires and my dad's dead. You want the actual story? Oh, my bad.

Well, me and my older brother Jason lived with our happy family in our... well, mansion really. My brother and I... *chuckles* man we were annoying. We would beat each other CONSTANTLY. sometimes he won, sometimes i won. Our parents would laugh and watch us, making sure we didn't seriously hurt each other on accident.

Jason's 5th birthday is when things started going wrong. His birthday present was being able to hide in his room with me, listening as our parents yelled at each other all night. Literally, ALL NIGHT!

From then on, they would constantly fight, but it was mostly mom. She would yell something, Dad would reply calmly, but then she would say something about me or Jason, sometimes both. That's when Dad protected us, and the real fight would begin. Never did it go farther then yelling... until that one, scarring day that would haunt Jason & me forever.

My 4th birthday, not too long after Jason's 5th. That was the worst day of my life. Well.... the day i got stabbed by my boyfriend was tough... but that's another story.

ANYWAY, my mom and dad were fighting again and it seemed they were yelling a little louder than usual. Jason and i snuck to the kitchen quietly, listening and watching. It must have been my imagination, but i could've sworn i saw my mom's nostrils flare and THEN she turned to look at us directly. She yelled, even though we couldn't understand what she said. Our dad yelled back, then pushed us into the pantry, which was slightly blurry to look through, but u could see outlines of things.

We watched in utter confusion as they yelled, staying in there for an hour...I think. It may have been longer. Next thing we know, we saw what we thought was my mom embracing my dad, but my dad was struggling. Mom had her head buried in his neck, and Dad's face was contorted, as if in pain. My brother and i yelled, pounding on the door. My mom's head snapped up, licking her lips, and she dropped my dad. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he dropped.

Finally, my brother and I got through the door. I ran to my dad, tears streaming down my face. I looked up at my mom, "Is he ok mommy?" i asked her in a whisper.

"Of course hun, he's just sleeping," she said in her softest voice. I nodded, curling up next to my dad. My brother embraced me softly, whispering, "He's dead Koda."

i shook my head, "He can't be," i whispered back, but he just shook his head. A wail of pain came from me as i twisted back to my dad, shaking him. He wouldn't wake. I screamed, turning to my mom, to find she wasn't there. I sobbed, and my brother drew me close. "Shhh, we're getting out of here. Come on"

I nodded and we ran from the building, into the huge masterpiece of a front yard and towards the iron gate, which was easily climbable. Suddenly, footsteps thundered behind us. I looked back to see multiple men, clad in black. I yelped, and Jason looked back, his eyes widening. He ran faster, but our little legs weren't capable of out-running the men. One grabbed me, and i screamed. My hand was torn from Jason's and he whipped around. "Go!" i screamed to him, elbowing my captor in the gut and he dropped me, grunting. I landed lightly, throwing a kick which made hard contact. I hissed at the pain shooting up my leg, but kept throwing kicks and punches.

"But Koda-!" Jason screamed, but i cut him off. "GO!" i yelled. He nodded, tears pouring from his eyes, and ran to the gate, climbing it, and getting over easily. He looked one more time, then ran away, not looking back. I cried as he left, and one of the captors picked me up. I sobbed, struggling, but he kept ahold of me and carried me back.

Back into my own personal Hell on Earth.

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