Not a Nightmare
Just a push ahead - to parenthood.
A Mother, dnt fear the name.
Dnt show defeat. Dnt let him see your pain.

Dnt think you'll go through it alone,
Cuz here I stay
Nd when your little jellybean comes out,
She'll have somewhere warm to lay.
Nd when trouble hits your way,
I'll post bail nd laugh in your face.
Nd let you know how much I love your crazy ways.

She'll get the honor of feeling how precious your love is,
Nd when you let three little words escape.
How it easily could brighten anyone's day.
She'll look up to you nd envy every inch you have to offer
She'll be just like you nd won't take ishh from no one.
But she'll respect you nd let you stay in control.
She'll know that you're always there
Nd me, yea godmother, she'll know im here, as well.
Nd I pray, she comes out as prefect as god.
Nd her beauty is so similar to yours.
A spitting image of her mother.
Her protector from harm.
The one she'll hold close.