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Take me out to the Black.
No Power in the 'verse can stop me
best day.... ever. heart

y'know... i lost a lot of friends over a period of severe depression.. but you know what, i cant say i was in the best frame of mind that i even knew what i was doing.. i still apologize.. but, even still, there's so much i dont even remember.. there's someone who i want to talk to more than anything, someone who was my best friend.. and he dropped me like a bad habit.. my reasoning, he didnt want to deal with "my problems". either that, or some of his college friends told him that he didnt need me in his life.. which i could see happening.. but to know that hurt more anything.. and i've tried getting in contact with him, but to know avail...

and maybe i'm dwelling on this too much.. but i want things to be back to the way things were..

the army of three?

nevermind you me
soooooo.... i'm starting to dislike jamie more and more... sweatdrop why? she's a sorority girl with no personality whose idea of having fun is getting drunk at bars every other night of the week... nevermind the fact all she watches is the OC and Dawson's creek. omfg. gonk

i really dont hate her... because i just know her... but i'm tired of of my stuff and myself being treated like shuit because i'm not in Greek Life? thats bullshit. scream

in other news... uhh... well. everything else in my life is better.. things are settling down more and more.. i'm just having trouble adjusting to my new job.. i'll be fine i suppose. the benefits and pay are good enough for me to put up with it as long as i can..

other personal issues got fixed heart but i'm not gonna post that drama here.

i'm addicted to fishing.

heart ~karen~ heart

i heart : Diem Wind, kitty_kawaii, da_mido, and Reverend Spooky

whooooo got the job at Best Buy... i like everyone i work with... and the management team is so much nicer than staples... thos i'll miss working with Ray, Lissa, Kim, and Chris (1 through 4) xd domokun

for the last time...
y'know.. i feel like the tension between me and my roommate has gotten worse.. and i hate it. it makes me feel shitty just to even be there.. this is my fourth year living on campus and every year something goes wrong.. stare

willy p has even been getting to me.. mainly the gossip.. if you dont like me, fine, i dont give a s**t.. but dont run around and try to "convert" people to your side.. cause thats really f'ing like high school.

oh wait. you tried it, then, too...
my bad. rolleyes


in other news, hank heart is trying to help me get a job at Best Buy.. one of his old co-workers is a supervisor there... so hopefully i'll have a better paying job. sweatdrop 3nodding

and what?
so this week has been kinda sucky.. i'll spare most of tyhe detail, but work has really been getting to me lately.. i've been starting to feel like i'm just everyone's b***h and not someone who works there.. i've been there two years and no matter how hard i try, i'm still in the bottom of the hole..


went to see Lewis black this weekend... it was hilarious! and i met him! i'll post pics as soon as Diem gets them developed! domokun

fun things..
i really like this new journal concept thing... another journal to slightly keep up with. but oh well. xd

this is just a test. whee

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