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Warren Academy RP Information
This is a journal to document character profiles and general information about the Warren Academy RP [b]WORK IN PROGRESS~!![/b]
General Information
Setting: Warren Academy is a specialized school for children of all ages and races located in Japan. It began in the early 1950s in a small town and has prospered throughout the years and onto present day. It is the springtime of the current year, 2009, and Warren Academy has grown to include schooling for grades k-12 and also a 4-year college degree. Dorms are nearby each school building and there is a small market just off of the school grounds along with medical buildings and areas of recreational activity.

For the students who have been orphaned or abandoned, there is an internal program in which Warren Academy sponsors the child through its own sponsors so that the child may continue attending classes and regular social activities on campus.

Each school has its own set of clubs and extracurricular activities for the students to partake and once every spring, there is the annual festival.

But even in this seemingly innocent school, there lies a secret... A war is ready to erupt across the entire globe and Warren Academy already has its army set...

Story thus far...

Warren Academy has been amassing their army bit by bit and they're ready to unleash havoc to conquer the human world, but the Empire's movements do not go unnoticed by far.

The Empire, a kingdom held in a sister dimension and ruled by incubi and succubi, has begun recognizing itself as a world power. Their forces have overwhelmed all of the werewolf tribes and packs in Europe and most of the other continents save for a stray here and there, the vampire lands are crumbling into the Empire's hands, and the elves have been run underground and/or slaughtered. Virtually the entire non-human world has been conquered and lies within the hands of four incubi rulers, Lors as they're called.

Yet despite the conquest for world domination for both of these factions, they have made an alliance over a single incubus. Ireal Kemosiri is a former Lor from the Empire who was put on trial for falling in love--an action that betrays the laws of the incubi. No longer being seen with his peoples' best interests at heart, he was tortured, his lover killed, and Ireal was exiled. Over the years, he found himself posing as a student at Warren Academy where he accidentally revealed himself to the world again.

The Empire has been unable to capture Ireal to put him on trial once again for some time now, so they decide to ally with the Academy in the hopes of attaining their outlaw, in which much political unrest settles upon. The Academy in return receives military assistance, scientific samples of deceased incubi and succubi, and monetary funding. Of course, the Empire also has Warren Academy's military assistance, but it is to not be utilized too brashly; it cannot be utilized for anything other than claiming the human realm.

Of course, the alliance is tenuous. Even so much as a hair's bredth of strain and it would collapse entirely because each side is simply waiting for the other to become a turncoat. The teachers in the school and the scientists in the basements are all keeping an eye out for clues of the Empire's betrayal and the same is true in the Empire's territory. Despite everything, there is no trust between them.

But of course, in the battle for the human world it's unlike humans to simply lay still and take it. The Mugenguard is a faction of warriors that center themselves in a small island amidst the Pacific Ocean. It is comprised completely of humans whos only doctrine is to eradicate those who are not 'normal' human or a complete different specie--there is no bible, there is no diety; there is only rage. To the Mugenguard, anything 'not human' is not pure. It is a crime against nature itself to allow such a monstrosity to exist and thus, they become angry. Anger is the key to their powers of will for it drives them to hate and that hate is the fuel on which they burn the non-human world down. The Mugenguard has been dormant for the past 30 years, however. There have been no major attacks nor have many of them even been spotted. Instead, they have nearly appeared to have disappeared altogether. Tales of their skills have been passed down through the years as scary stories. The Mugenguard are only talked about as if they were boogiemen living under the bed. But to them, purity must come through effort and from effort comes technology. They have been developing their weapons and honing their skills....and just waiting for the chance to strike.

Right now, war is on the verge of breaking. The Mugenguard are still laying low and Ireal Kemosiri has been captured by a scientist of the Academy, Kiken. Those two big players have nearly gotten all that they can from each other, leading for everything to fall apart very soon.

The Empire is continuing with daily life as normal...

The Spring Festival at Warren Academy is a day away...

The Mugenguard are biding their time and waiting for the opportune moment to strike...

The world will fall into flames soon.

Geography: Campus is about 20mi square and there is a neighboring town to the west and southwest. Cliffs and an ocean lay to the north and east. Better resolution map with clearer labels to come.

Defenses: School's defenses, Empire's defenses

-Follow Gaia ToS. I shouldn't need to nag you
-I am your Mother, your Father, and the shoulder you can die on. My word is law here and the only higher authority are the mods and admins.
-Morons will be asked politely to leave
-Morons who don't leave will be butt hurt after I am done with them. This is a yaoi RP after all...
-Fatalities are allowed, but only if okayed through the other RPer via PM beforehand. I don't wanna run into any of that 'he killed -insert name here- without asking!!!!' or some s**t cos then there's tears and blood galore and that's just not good for the carpet.
-OOC bitchfests are not going to be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, either work it out over PMs or else call in a mod if it's THAT severe
-I reserve the right to be an idiot. After all, we each have our shining moments
-Use common sense. Period. I shouldn't have to force feed it to you
-No godmodding. I know that some of us have got characters with crazy a** powers, but please use them in moderation. And also, no auto-hitting unless it's okay with the other person or else done in a trivial manner. The RPer your character is pitted against is expected to react fairly when deciding whether or not their character was hit with an attack.
-Overall, this is a FUN roleplay. It is meant for pure entertainment only and the thrill of the game should remain as amazing as Angelina Jolie's rack a fresh-shaved sheep. I.E, it should be pretty ********' awesome biggrin

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