Demon Soul High School

Hey there, this will be a story about some monsters at high school.
some of the things will be part of my life, and some fantasy.i hope you enjoy reading this.
and in some parts, i will ask if you listen to a theme while you read, just to add for effect.
i will do something like this (please listen to this sound track) you can do it if you want, but you do not have to. thank you for reading, i will continue with the story now.

(please listen to Minami no Theme from Lucky star)
Hey there, this is Fushichou Kokoro. so far i am a Hybrid of two monsters.Half wolf demon and half Devil. i am 6 Feet tall, long red hair, cimson red eyes. wore a red tank-top with a open black dress shirt. black jeans with a chain.
my story will be sad, happy, joyful, lustful, depressing, anger and so on.
it all started when i was a kid in elementary school, i was different form the other kids cause i knew it. i was a demon, alot of them were human so it was hard to hide. after when i was in middle school, it was no different. everyone stayed away like i was a Disease for something, i was always alone. When ever i tried to talk to someone, or walk to them they just gave me a strange look. Like i was a freak, so they were either scared of me or just thought i was a monster. well even tho i was a monster it still hurt, just the look in there eyes. but while i was in middle school i met a friend, his name was Tora Kasai. *please stop theme here)

(please listen to Itsumo no Kanji from Lucky star)
He hanged out with me couple times, but it was only couple of times. A lot of times he was always busy with the girls, he thought he was the bomb. but a lot of times it was a fail. he either got smacked, or kicked. so even tho he was not around much, he made me smile a lil bit. Then i graded from the Middle school, and now its to Demon Soul high school. Now this is were it all begins, and were the story gets better.

*Fushichou just sitting on a bus with other students, his sitting in the back seat alone.
the bus was traveling tho a dark tunnel, the bus gets to the other end of the tunnel as a flash of light beams though the windows. Fushichou just stares out the window looking at the ocean, while all the other students voices making it hard to think. The bus finaly stops so all the students get out with there loud conversation, as Fushichou just follows behind. he looks around at all the tree and there leaves gently blowing in the wind, he looks ahead as he was couple teachers waiting for the students*

*One of the teachers came up and introduced her self* Hello there students my name is Shishi Chikyu. i will be one of ur teaches here, but u have to call me Ms.Chikyu and, we will all like to welcome you to Demon soul high school! *he looks up at the giant building, as some birds flew by over top*
*they all walk to the tables as they get there home room number, they get to class as they listen* *after couple hours class was over, Fushichou walks outside at lunch time. just walking around getting to know the place better, he walked around the corner as he saw couple guys hanging out at the side of the school*

(please listen to Naruto-Nervous Theme From Naruto)
*The guy with the hood speaks* Hey get out of here, we claimed this spot. The name is Sion, this is my crew. You better get out of here b4 things get ugly*Fushichou speaks*I-I am sorry, i did not know. i do not want any trouble. i will be leaving now*Fushichou turns around and trys to walk, but one of the goons were behind him and in the way* Naw we change are mind, we will teach u to never mess around or come near are spot again
*All 3 of them smirk as they close in on Fushichou, he does a low growl in his throat* Please i do not want to hurt u guys *he looks around as there was no where to run* Whats wrong? are you to afraid to stay and play? get him now! *his two buddies attack me first, one ran at me with his fist as it turns to stone. Fushichou dodges his punches as grabs his fist, throws him over his shoulder and hits him hard on the ground. this other buddy watched in shock, but he attacks at me with his claw as he was part lizard. Fushichou blocks his every strike, leans down and punches him hard in the chin with a upper-cut.
Fushichou stand there as Sions friends were on the ground, sions glares*
How dare u offend us, now u will learn not to mess with us.
Good so ur not gonna hide behind ur buddys like the coward u are?*Sions eyes change as his arms and body get bigger, as he was a Ogor*
(please stop theme here)

*Sion rawrs at Fushichou, he gets ready to fight* first i want to ask, what type of monster are u?.*fushichou speaks and glares* I am a mix of a wolf demon and a devil *all he does is laugh* so ur nothing but a stinking hybrid, well i will like to show u what i do to hybrids *both glares at each other, then charged, they were both stoped* Hold it you Two! no fighting on schoool grounds. Both of u got that? *he looks angerly at Sion and Fushichou, we both nod as Sion turns human form* *we both glared at each other, Fushichou walks away as Sion started to help his friends up*

(please listen to Kakashi's theme from Naruto*
Well nothing is new here, just the same old crap from my other schools
*he continues to walk around the school, learning the new ground. he walks though the park in between the building, he hears some girls getting mad.* (Smack!) *he stops for a second and thinks* no way, that can't be...*he turns and saw his old friend on one knee as the girls walked away angerly* H-hey...come on was just a joke~ come on~ *Fushichou walks over to him, seeing he had a red hand mark on his face. like always he tryed to be a flirt and gets smacked alot* No way that can't be you,tora? *he looks closer as Tora looked at him, has a shocked look on his face* W-what? F-fushichou? Oh my god i never knew u were a monster, after all that time we spend in middle school i never knew.*he smiled and laughed softly* Ya i am a Wolf/ devil, what about u? *he looked* Oh so ur a hybrid huh? well i am a cat demon *his ears pop out, he gently scratches bk his head* so nothing much threatening about me, well sorry but gotta find me a girl *fushichou watches as he ran, sighs softly* some people will never learn will they? (please stop the theme here)

After a few weeks of being here, i got used of the grounds. Sion still tryed to have a rematch with me. but the teachers had a good eye on him,it was durning class we had a new student,*Ms.Chikyu spoke* well class we have a new student joining us, so please make her feel welcome.. *the new girl walked in the class room* she was 5 foot tall, long brown wavey hair, wish alil bit of red and blonde in there, she had beautful blue eyes with a tiny gold ring around them. making her eyes look green in the sunlight. she wore a cute soft pink wizard cap that had some belts on it, it had bunny ears. as she wore school uniform like dress that was white and a soft pink as he carried around her staff. *she smiles cutely to the class and bows* hello everyone, my name is Yume Eien ni. its very nice to meet u all,i hope we have a great year *everyone in the class says (welcome to are school) as they sit down after* The bell went for lunch time.
*fushichou went to walk around for lunch time once again, but he stops as he heard something* hmmm? *he saw Sion and his crew bugging the new girl*

(please play Naruto-Nervous Theme from naruto)
Come on girly, your a cute one. *she looks mad at them* get away from me you creeps *sion looks all mad at what she said* i was gonna play nice but, no more Mr. nice guy
*sion grabs her by the wrist and pins her on the ground, his friends just laugh*
*she trys her best to get out of his hold, some tears form on the edge of her eyes*
please don't do this *he just smirks at her with hungery eyes*
*Fushichou glares and does a low growl, he rushes over* Let her go!! *he rushes and double kicks both his buddies, as they roll and sadly knocked out in one move again, fushichou glares at sion. grabs him by the neck tightly and throws him, sion rolls* You scum hybrid, whats your problem?

(please play Naruto Theme - The Raising Fighting Spirit)
*Fushichou just glares at him as he stands in front of Yume* My problem is your kind, a low life who picks on other. you low lives always try to take advantage of the ones weaker then u, so back off. leave her alone she has done nothing to hurt u, are u ok yume? *he turns his head and looks at her with his cimson eyes, she looks in his eyes and blushes alil. she nods*
Thats good to hear, now for u *he crouches and does a low growl in his throat* Lets end this *sion starts to turn ogor* Gladly, i always wanted to beat u in the ground, nows my chance *they both dash at each other, sion trys to attack first, throwing a punch, Fushichou crouches down lower dodging his arm, Growls and runs close to his body, punches him with full power on his gut. knocking the wind out of Sion, he loses his blanace and takes couple steps back. he just laughs as he holds his gut*
Your pretty fast for someone ur size, and strong to. But it ends HERE! *he gets up and runs full speed, tackles Fushichou. holding his arms and rams him in a tree hard, he laughs* *Fushicho feels the pain and coughs in pain* Uugghh! *Yume screams as saw him get hurt, fushichou gains his fouce. kicks Sion in the face, Sion lets him go and holds his face*

Opening! *he growls more angerly as he attacks his body multi times with full kicks and punches, he starts to sweat and huffing heavily, he felt pain in his knukkles, but he had to keep fighting for her, he does one hard punch with his right arm, makes Sion fly and hit a tree, he turns smaller* U-ugghh~..d-damn h-hybrid, like i wanted to do something to that dirty witch *Fushichou growls angerly and picks up a big rock, throws it as it hits sions head. knocking him out*
(stop theme here)

(please play Sakura's theme from naruto)
*Fushichou looked at yume,he walks over. he holds his hand out to her* Hey umm..Yume was it? are u ok? *he said with a peacful smile* *he looked at him with her glazed blue eyes, reaches and grabs his hand. nods* Y-yes i am, t-thank u very much..thank u for saving me..may i ask what ur name is? *she tilted her head as asked him, making her look more cute**he saw her eyes and looking at him, blushes alil* O-oh me?..ummm well my name is Fushichou Kokoro..its nice to meet u *she smiles cutely at him* Its nice to meet u Fushichou Kokoro *he wraps her arms around him, hugs her tightly but soft, he blushes alot not knowing what to do. he wraps his arms around her and hugs bk* S-sorry i do not know really what to do..i never really a hug before *she looks at him with her beautful blue eyes and giggles* well there is always a first for everything