The Bear Story

Jackson: Alexis wake up

Alexis opens up her eyes gets up and looks out her window and see that its still dark then she looks at her clock and it say 9:00

Alexis: Jackson, you woke me up and its still dark outside

She followed Jackson all the way to the family room and he pull up the blinds and open up the window and started yelling. Alexis looked out the window and it turned light and she sees this big o brown bear climbing up this big o’ bush skinny little long limbs looking so stupid and funny.

Alexis: OMG, there a big brown bear outside stop yelling at it or you’ll make It mad
Jackson: o I already did that earlier this morning

Jackson: hey you yea you what are you doing in that bush
Stranger: I’m trying to take a nap here and my name is Mr. Bear

Jackson: What ever you big stupid bear I never did ask for your name now get

Mr. Bear: What part don’t you understand I told you I’m trying to take a nap here now leave me b

Jackson: yea fine whatever I’ll leave you b whatever you say

Mr. Bear: thank you also can you make me a Pop tart and get me some milk please because my neighbor ate up all my food and I’m starving
Jackson: grrr
Mr. Bear: thanks

Jackson went inside the house and started making Pop tarts and getting milk, then his little sister name Katie came in

Katie: What are you doing you already ate I think mom was right you might get fat one day
Jackson: no this isn’t for me this is for Mr. Bear
Katie: umm, and who is that
Jackson: he’s a big brown bear outside and he ask me to make him Pop tarts and milk
Katie: umm why
Jackson: because he said that his neighbor ate up all his food and he didn’t eat breakfast and he was hungry so I made him Pop tarts
Katie: so that doesn’t mean you have to make him some don’t let him be the boss of you like everyone else does you be the boss of him
Jackson: yea your right I am the boss of him
Katie: yea
Jackson: yea
Katie: yea
Jackson: yea

Katie: ok
Jackson: o- wait a minute, your not the boss of me I’m the boss not you mom and I always needed to tell you this, the only reason you don’t have a boyfriend is that your ugly and messy, and you can’t cook seriously we always have to go next door or some where to eat some food one time I had to go outside and eat wild berries and I got poison and almost die if Bucky the squirrel never came and rescue me. What a relieve I finally got that out

Mom: what, what, what you don’t talk back to me like that I’m your mother and your suppose to do what I say and that’s an order shut up and I mean it now be quiet or else

Katie: Wow you did it Jackson you finally told mom about how you feel
Jackson: nahhh, I was just tried of her nasty cooking and thought she might just buy frozen food instead now I’m going to finish making his breakfast
Katie: no just stop and follow me
Jackson: ok

Jackson followed Katie to the basement.

Katie: here take this
Jackson: what is it
Katie: a box of fireworks, just put it underneath the bear and set it on fire ok
Jackson: no wait I have a better idea

Jackson went upstairs and finished making the Pop tarts and milk and Katie followed

Katie: what did I just tell you I said to light it underneath the bear
Jackson: you have your ways I have mys
Jackson left out the house into the backyard

Katie: “Mys” who says mys I feel like I’m the only smart one in this family and I’m only 9, I’m going back downstairs

Jackson gave Mr. Bear his food
Jackson: here you go Pop tarts and Mil- Mil- Mil- k
Mr. Bear: what’s so funny did you do something to my milk this better not be Parries Farms I hate there product I had to drink that s**t everyday at school you don’t know how it felt like

Mr. Bear picked up his Pop tart and started wiping his face with it.

Jackson: well I’m sorry you feel that way but that life
Mr. Bear: I here you pal I here you

While he was still crying he stuff all his food and milk down his throat

Mr. Bear: thank y-

He cough then made a choking noise then went all the way in the air like an explosion then fell looking so burned black

Mr. Bear: oww what did you do, you made me angry
He started chasing Jackson but he ran into the house fast enough and close the door and try to lock the door but the door knob fell apart and disintegrated to floor

Jackson: uh-oh now how am I suppose to lock the door now there a big o hole in the door and I can see him, wait where Katie, oh-no he got my little sister GIVE HER BACK YOU STUPID BLACK UGLY BEAR

Mr. Bear: Who now you done it I’m breaking down this door

Jackson: what do I do what do I do

Alexis: so you came and woke me up
Jackson: yap, that’s what happen
Alexis: so how is this my problem then when apparently its yours
Jackson: I thought maybe you could help me out
Alexis: nope you drag me into everyone of your situations so I’m not going to help you this time
Jackson: but he got Katie
Alexis: What, ughhh fine then but only to get Katie back not to help you
Jackson: actually you are helping me, to get Katie back
Alexis: ughhh, just shut up

Alexis went into the kitchen and saw her mom sit in a chair

Alexis: Mom, Jackson is messing with this big brown bear and he made him mad and now he’s trying to break down the door and come in

Mom: well that’s his fault if the bear gets him it not my problem

Alexis walk back into the family room and saw the back door banging and watch until the door busted open

Alexis: that was stupid of me I should of ran away when I had the chance

Katie came upstairs and the bear walk in and when Katie came all the way upstairs Mr. Bear saw her then grab her and hug her tight.

Alexis: Liar, he never had her

Jackson: well, he does now

Katie: help me

Mom went to the closet and got a gun and shoot down the bear

Mom: there and that’s how you take care of a bear now Jackson come here

Mom grab Jackson and wiped him with the gun

Mom: don’t never ever talk back to me every again

The bear’s kids came and cried

Kids: why did you kill daddy

Jackson: don’t worried your going to a good family you’ll live with us
Kids: yeaaaaaaaaa

Jackson got a camera and took a picture

Jackson: everyone say cheese
Everyone: cheeseeeeeeeee

They hang up the picture and all started a new life

The End