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The Life and Death of MehFooL Haha, noo.. just kidding, I'm just gonnah write random s**t in here. It's nothing about my life or death LOL.

Community Member


they're so... unorganized, they don't deserved to be ********.

Seriously? Yeah, emo WAS cool. when? It WAS cool before most people KNEW about it.

It was cool to be that ONE lonely kid right there, who does what he wants, thinks how he wants, without any worries.


It's not cool being A WHOLE ******** GROUP of like HALF THE SCHOOL thinking that they're "emo"

No. NOPE. Hey, you there. ugly girl. yeah you. I'm talking to you. Wearing skinny jeans, and listening to music more than often doesn't make you emo. nor does cutting yourself.What? NO I SAID IT DOESN'T! IDC IF UR ARM IS FULL OF CUTS!

One thing that like.. is stupid is that emos TRY to get attention.
(GOSH! when you're emo, you don't try to get attention like all the popular kids do, it COMES to you.)

ahh, well,


********. This isn't supposed to be about Emos.It's supposed to be about Emotionless.

How cool would that be? To go anywhere, without showing any emotions. Being dead to all... without talking, changing the tone of your voice, or the pace of your breath. Without being able to determine the mood your in...

this isn't something which you could try and achieve in a day. You gottah be this FOR life. to everyone.

Umm, I guess we need a signature trademark?

Notice how in California, more chicks are going out of skinnys and into bootyshorts?

'ell no.

back to skinnies. super skinnies, I'm talking about stingers and yeah..
I'm not talking leather, more like a darker, less shinier, bold material of pants.

Umm, and in tops, I guess I hate how dudes wear like 1 skinny shirt? We should make it like 2-6 shirts. Haha, I do that everyday so it'd be normal..

Umm, for shirts, something skinnie, and one should be longsleeved.

belts and locks are cool I guess?

Hats? Umm.. nah, I like hair better. Okay, fine, only stylish hats, like pimp hats with feathers. No gay baseball hats!


What'd be helpful, is if you'd be able to stitch your lips shut.
No Hate people, it's cool.

maybe a small nose?

pale skin ftw

Meh. Right now, I'm starting to figure out less of what I'm going to say and more of WHY I'm writing this.. Why did I write this?

*WOAH! Notice how I went through the whole thing without a smiley face?*

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