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Razorwire Romance
There's something about writing all the hideous monstrosities that we are into existence that gives us a sense of satisfaction, and a release of distorted perfection. The nightmare world that people fear can be oh so beautiful. You just need to look
I Bleed In Binary
You just sat there looking amused and pleased at your work. I struggled to make you see your misconceptions, your false sense of insecurity. Tried to make you see that I would walk across fire to see you, to see your face just once before I burned to death by my own desire. What did I say to make you take such pleasure in tearing me to pieces? How could you enjoy my torment? And, while you sit there and stare into my eyes as they bleed those silt filled tears, I feel alone and used, terrified at the fact that you enjoy keeping me tied to thys agonizing throne of decay. Ill never forget your face as you laugh at my demise, as you spit on my half alive carcass. Your greed fills your features, and your face twists into the grotesque form I could only imagine belonging to a resident of Gehenna. Have you forgotten that person I fell for? Have you forgotten the promises Ive made in secret whispers only you could hear? Do you remember how you would lay there and force my hand under your cold flesh, making me feel the half beating heart your chest contained? Don't you remember not allowing me to move from your sickly sweet bile- like embrace in that Winter cold? I remember, and I think of those precious moments where no living being could touch me, and my heart beat in unison with your soft breath. I remember feeling warm and wanted despite the cold hatred of the times around me. Now, as you touch me tenderly with that scalpel that stole my flesh from my bone, I feel the lust filled want for that world that never existed. Was it just made up? Did you give me that hope just to steal my soul? To add my essence to the rest of your collection? How many more blood tainted kisses must I give, as you beat me into my own oblivion, till I have earned your blessing? Am I doomed to remember a half life of second guesses and stolen dreams? My fears must be the only things that can sate your hunger for agony. How could I possibly be so appealing that you need to destroy me over and over again? Now though, I take the razor from your lips that cuts such sweet melodies into my soul, and I cut the bonds of thys false reality that your force into my fiber. Read the binary of my being, and know that I'm free:


I don't want you to be scared.... I want you to want me.

Matthue Dusk
Community Member
Matthue Dusk
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  • 09/26/10 to 09/19/10 (1)
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