Okay who here has ever wished being the older sister or brother? Kay I have something to say to you....I envy your life.

My sister today and for three weeks acted like she was a complete know it all, a d***, a b****, a cockroach, a complete pain in the a**, an idiot, a dumba**, a f***er, a suck up, a I-am-not-so-innocent-b****, the f***ing 'boss' over my life, a s***bag, and a b****.

She always acts like she is older than me, smarter than me, knows more than me JUST because I didn't know what was a gurnie or how many neck bones are in a giraffe...4 yrs ago...WTF? I was 10 that time and didn't even know english. Due to me having to go to our home country because my mom thought I was losing our custom for 1 year and nearly forgot english! And besides that she didn't know it from the start she asked her friend then asked me just to annoy me....THAT F***ING B****!!! She also has gaia her name is xxxFire101xxx...it's such a stupid f***ing name.

This tuesday she actually got into a tantrum kicked the front window and BROKE and I mean BROKE the window in my mom's BRAND NEW chevrolet! The reason was because she said that the car was uncomfortable. Later she made a sob story to my mom and said that I broke the glass...FTW!!!??? I was sitting at the back of the car, the VERY back of the car and she said that I reached out and hit the glass!

First I probaly won't be able to touch the glass that far away

Second I'm a complete weakling and my mom even knows that I can't be that strong enough to break glass 1 meter away from me


Now you might think I'ma jerk for writing something like this but this was just something to cheer those who don't have siblings and let them know that they are lucky and that many, many, many, MANY people want to NOT have siblings and be a single child...I really hope my sister gets hit by a car right now