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The Madness Pt:1
It was a random story that came to my head as i was taking a showere x3
“Help Me!!!” You heard a man in his cell screamed.

You look over to your left and right to notice 2 male nurses dragging you off to a room. The light was too dimmed to catch a glimpse of their features. The hallway they were dragging you threw smelled of pure filth, vomit, urine, and other smells you couldn’t even imagine. You wiggled your arms and notice that you were strapped in a straight jacket. You could hear mind chilling screams and teeth gritting noises. People in their cells talking to themselves as the male nurses drag you on by. Finally, the male nurses take you inside an office, it was to dim to see the name tag on the front door. The nurses aggressively open the door and sat you down on the chair with a hard thud. In the midst of the shadows you see a wave of a hand and both male nurses leave the office, the 2nd nurse close behind the 1st nurse closing the door roughly behind him. The room was dimly lit where you couldn’t see any physical features. And the room had a weird hospital like smell mixed in with the deceased. You try hard not to vomit in your mouth for the smell in the Asylum is unbearable. You try to struggle form the straight jacket but it wasn’t any use. A hand reached to the desk lamp and switch on the light. The small light brightens up the office a tad bit.

“So you’re ______. If you wish to cooperate with me, I will remove the face guard.”

You couldn’t see this person’s face well but you could see the hand gestures very clear. They were calm and steady. You took notice that this person’s voice was deep but calm.

“Well, I’m waiting for a respond.” The person paused and held both hands laced with each other and sat them on the desk.

As in a response, you nodded your head. You hear a shuffling noise and heavy footsteps. You feel the straps loosen and fall off your face. The person sat back down at the desk. This person moved up enough on the desk where you can see his face. Salt-pepper short hair and beard, checkered red/white tie, white long sleeved collared shirt, gold rimmed glasses, mid-50’s, and his nose was slightly crooked. He pulls out a pad and a pen from his drawer and sits it neatly on his arranged desk. He pops the pen cap off with his teeth. He looks back up to you and he does the same gesture he did earlier.

“How was your childhood like?”

You never gave the man an answer except for a menacing look of disgust. But he kept edging the questions on.

“Ever been physical abused when you were a child?”

He scribbles something quick on his pad and taps the pen on his chin thinking of another question to ask.

“Have you eve--,”

“Why am I in here?” You asked in full of hate.

He removes his gold rimmed glasses, pauses to get his thoughts on your past together.

“Well, you had a tragic episode with the death of your foster parents. You see, the police found you alive laying outside your house badly bruise with your sister and your parents inside the house burned alive.” He took a sip of his coffee before moving on.

“The police stated that someone had snuck inside your house and started the cause of the fire. This is all I know from my recent researches of you. And since your parents death, you have gone mad… And your sister Sam has to.”

He took another sip of his coffee and pulled out another note pad.

“You’re mostly here because of the condition of you holding on to the past, you must forget _______, forgetting is good. Holding on to this ….past has made you become quite dellulonsial. And most of your interviews with other doctors,” He begins flipping threw the other note pad. “That you are determined to get you sister back and to know the truth about who has murdered them.” He stared at you for a moment.

“Where is my sister?” You asked without changing tone in your voice.

“The good thing is that we are having her being transferred here.” He said while smiling slyly. You didn’t like this guy. Something about him just didn’t fit well with you.

“Well,” he said while readjusting and putting back on his glasses, “can I continue with more questions?”

“No.” You responded darkly.

He leaned a bit forward on his desk. “How do you expect me to help if you don’t let me?” He said while doing the same hand gestures and positions.

You took a lean forward and spat at his face. His face went from warm to sour. He wiped his glasses off with his tie.

“Now ______ no need to be cocky with me.”

You spat in his face again. He hited the buzzer on his desk and the 2 male nurses from earlier came crashing threw; they stood behind you looking at you with evil stares. The one on the left was scrawny and skinny with not very many teeth and had a mullet. The one to your right was fat, bald and had lots of food stains on his uniform.

The man behind the desk abruptly got up almost flipping the desk over in anger.

“Take that b***h back to her room!!” He roared.

Without hesitation, the 2 male nurses gripped under your arms and dragged you carelessly back to your room.

“I got to know the truth.” You mumbled as you backed up into the farthest corner in your padded room.

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