I love to write. Which means when it comes to me writing, I tend to try and be perfect at it. Not too perfect but using as much knowledge I know about how to write. I can be a nerd sometimes xd but love to write which means I also love to read. I used to try and make my own comics and my own novels. But I slacked off.

As I am now in college, I improved on my writing more. My other talent is drawing. Since I can draw I am one of the people who can draw and write. Awsome! Something I can be alteast proud of. Never down yourself and never doubt yourself. Something that I can do if you cannot do you have something that I cannot do. biggrin Some of us hates writing but hey. Atleast you can sing, have straight A's in math, do a back flip, or bugee jump LOL. We all are different. If we was all the same it would be boring. Being different is interesting!! To tell you this anybody can write; some just write from their talent. So never doubt yourself everyone has a talent. You have to seek it. Thats I did. 3nodding