So I guess I have a little less insane schoolwork this week than I thought. Most things are just packed in around the two jobs I'm working now. One is as a French tutor in the foreign language lab, the other as a tea artisan/baker in the local tea house here. I get paid for both either Thursday or Friday, so I'm looking forward to having money to put back into savings now. I also really want to buy Sims 3, because it looks advanced and more complex than its predecessors. I want to try it.

I feel kind of faint and weak right now. I'm not sure if it's hunger/low blood sugar, or what. I ate lunch like 4-5 hours ago, but I just had a grilled veggie wrap and a non-fat yogurt, so perhaps that wasn't enough. I'm kind of short on money at the moment so I don't know if I should spend more on food right now or not.

This happened with me yesterday too, where I got really faint and felt sick. It turned out yesterday I just needed food. I tend to forget about eating sometimes, it cannot be good for me!

I got my fall leather boots out this morning. They are great. Shin-high, genuine leather love. heart They are also very soft inside. It's still pretty warm here though, so we are lucky in terms of weather. I wonder when it will snow. It could be any day now, actually. But you never know here. The weather is pretty unpredictable at this time of year.