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Realism vs Idealism
Battle of the Philosophies

(This is biased towards Realism)

Before I get into this I might as well explain what it’s about.

Idealism is the belief that everything you perceive, experience, and believe is absolutely and unequivocally true. Within the confines of your own reality. However idealism implies that yours is the one and only true reality.

Realism is the belief that everything you know is wrong. Because unlike Idealism, Realism acknowledges the existence of the physical infallible world. Within which all things are true within reference to themselves and everything else. Because of the cloud of human perception, everything you know can come very close to the truth, but can never be 100%. So everything you know is not exactly what it is.

Now, Idealism fails in the aspect that it indirectly implies that you yourself are a supreme being. Because everything you believe is true. So therefore you believe that you are infallible. Which makes it possible for paradoxes, because if ever believe that you are wrong you are contradicting your own beliefs, which according to Idealism, they are all true. Two contradictory things cannot be true at the same time. It also implies that when you have no pertaining abstracts or connotations to apply to something, therein lies an uncertainty, a non existance in your reality. Which would violate a lot of other things. It could be possible for an idealist to somehow have 100% truth in all of their beliefs, but they do not know everything, so things they do not know about would not exist. Idealism cannot be true simply because there is a possibility for it not to be true. It must be perfect in all instances for it to work. But, this is only from a third party perspective. With reference to itself idealism really is infallible. But, you know, if you want to live in reality then it’s a bad idea to use it in massive amounts. Some Idealism is impossible to avoid, simply because we have beliefs. but if you start trying to prove them using Idealism, this is where things go wrong.
Realism on the other hand closes all gaps by acknowledging that were are wrong in every aspect and facet of our collective conciseness. If we are wrong, then it still fits within the confines of the rules set by your beliefs. Which is an infallible aspect. In it’s own right, Realism is the ultimate and only truth that we can know, is that we know nothing. Realism fits more into our instinctive beliefs than idealism does. It has it’s basis in logic instead of arbitrary, fanciful romanticism. Realism humbles people, and enables them to except the fact that they are wrong. The only real downside to it is that you’re never really right, and this scares people. That, and it is theoretically possible to trump Realism. That is, the theory of everything. But we don’t have that, and chances are we never will, so Realism still stands.

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