Have you ever hoped in your life that there should be no school? I know I have but they say always be carefull of what you wish for. At my school(Everet Meredith Middle EMMS for short) Everything is fun and boring at the same time. There are always the bad kids who make it fun in class and the geeky kids who always get picked on. But did you know there is also another group other than the popular, geeky, and bullys. They are the normal kids who do nothing to get in any of the catacories. exclaim exclaim question question You are propably wondering why there would be another group or you alredy know. I am in the group who is in between geeky, bully and popular.Just to let you know what I mean about being in the normal group just picture this: you are in the class room doing your daily work. There are a bunch of kids you don't know in the classroom but you can tell which kids are in which group. You are sitting next to a friend or two and talking to them. You have glasses and braces to look like a nerd, you have bad language but don't use it often, and you sometimes threaten kids to lay off you. That is what a normal person is between the lines. More text later GTG. heart heart