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The Little Things
A story about a weakling name Keal who lives in a place called Hareth Town, where nothing really interesting happens there and is very peaceful. Until the Hex comes and invades her home. What would poor worthless Keal do?? Read to find out
The Little Things 3
The leader was 10 ft away from her and the scythe only reached about 6 ft. He stood there not very fazed towards Keal's challenge. His black bangs that cover the left half of his face started to blow from the wind behind him. He lower his head a bit but didn't take his eyes off her. "You stupid girl. You have know idea who you're dealing with...!!" He says lowly in a cool wisp of his voice. Keal snickered showing her fangs focusing only on the leader as the soldiers aim their guns at her as a few of them pinned Shadow onto the ground making her submit.

Shadow grunts as she hit the as two soldiers held her down and she started to growl at them. "There is nothing wrong with me kicking your a**, f*****t!!!" She dashed towards him with a swift as she made contact with the man's neck. "What the-?! I've never seen Keal this ruthless before...!!" Shadow gasped in her thought very startled at her action. The leader didn't move nor flinched at Keal's attack. "You are such a sad being to attack someone stronger than you..." He exasperated with his eyes hard on her.

His body soon starts to glow of a purple aura around him as his whole body started to transform. His entire body was covered in some black charred skin with bladed fingers. He took off his trench coat and it flops onto the ground with soft clangs from the hooks and chains revealing his hard bod. His shirt was also black charred like the rest of his body, his eyes still hard on Keal. His dark eyes pierce through her body as his bladed fingers started to glisten. Keal and the Hex leader gave each other a stare down as he thrust both hands at her chest.

Keal barely, but swiftly dodged the attack with her side wounds from his four blades that made contact with her waist. "That was just a lucky hit..!!" She growled, slowly getting up. He black kitty stood in the middle of the room with the guards still on Keal. The black kitty crouched down on all fours. "Go! NIGER IGNIS!!!" She cried. Her feline doll soon went a blaze with black fire and started to attack them. The soldiers started to scramble once they have made contact with the a blazed cat as some are firing at it. It couldn't be harmed because of its small size as some of them start to shoot each other just trying to hit the cat.

The leader ignored the back ground fight as he charged at Keal. She soon charged back as she let out a battle cry. Both of their blades clashed with each other with a shing! and a clang! Keal smirked as the leader didn't show any expression what so ever. They push each other back; the leader jumped to one side of the kitchen as Keal skid across from him with her scythe being dragged onto the ground to stop her from flying to the other room. "This is so much fun~!!" Keal laughed while the leader flitted towards her and sends his claws lashing at her.

Shadow could see that the Hex Soldiers were distracted by the flaming cat. And those who are holding down were getting intimidated to help their fellow comrades or watch them burn or being engulfed to the flames. when she feels their grips loosen, she quickly pulled away from them and gave each other them and upper round house kick since she was on the ground while the other two to four were standing and was about to get her. Once she took down the men she went to go aid Keal but was stopped by a tall figure. "I'll take care of it...." The voice said calmly as Shadow stood her ground and nodded.

The fight between the Hex leader and Keal still continues. Both never received any sort of injuries from each other. Keal was ready to make a final blow to the leader while he waited for her next move. "Is that the best you can...?!" The Hex Leader asked with disappointment in his voice. It made Keal a bit angry and wanting to rip his head off for saying such rude things to her. "Oh no~ This is just the beginning~" she purred as she started to charge at him once more. The Leader went into a stance; with his right leg being slid to the back and his other foot planted to the ground in front of him, he was ready for it.

They were soon interrupted when a tall figure stood in Keal's way with his sword in hand and placed it in front of her face with the tip pointing in between her eyes. She stopped the moment he came in view. "HEY! Get out of my way!!!" She growled. "No...stand down..." It said calmly. The leader soon backed off into the huge gap i that leads into the back yard and looks at his men they may still be standing. "We'll retreat for now!! Let's go!!" He called and turned to the figure and Keal. "I'll return...so we can settle the score...!!" He reassured her before he flitted into the bushes and vanished, along with the men that are still alive.

Keal was more upset and furious to see her kill cowering away from their fight that wasn't finished. She soon turned to the look at the figure. "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!!" She snarled at the figure. The figure looked down at her and smiled. "You forgotten about me...haven't you Keal?" He spoke softly as Keal soon realized who he was and soon came to, back into her original state. Her hair is now white again and her cat doll was pure white and fluff again and lays there on the ground motionless. "Zack...It's you..."

Zack's smile greq across his face warmly at her, take a step forward as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a hug. "It's good to see you again....Keal" He gently wrap his arms around her tightly to the astounded maiden. Tears started to form in her eyes and hugs him back tightly, feeling so happy to see him. "Its so good to see you too, Zack...Very good to see you.." she croaked happily. She's ecstatic to see her friend again and hoped to repay him one day. Zack breaks off from her and approaches dark then holds her lovingly around her waist. "Are you hurt, Shadow...?"

"No, I'm ok." She smiled at him. He sighed in relief and gave her a small kiss on her nose. Keal knew this would happen. After a year of those two being gone, they have gotten together. Her heart feels torn up from his action, now feeling that her heart has been stabbed multiple times of her rejected love for him Shadow saw her reaction from what Zack and pushed him off her gently.

[i'm going on and off!!!]

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