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The Extra Notebook
Yet another online journal for me to rant in. Joy. ^^ I write in these very sporadically, and not very often. You can now see my art updates, and donation info here. =3
Lark Redfern Character Page
Skylark "Lark" Ambrose Redfern

Gender: Male
Race: Lamia/Witch/Fey/Human
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 170lbs.
Age: 19
Eyes: Right eye green, left eye blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Golden-pale, smooth, with a smattering of light brown freckles across his nose/cheekbones, shoulders and back.

Lark is the oldest child of Cougar Redfern and Fyria Lutienne. He has a sister one year younger than him, Nightingale - Gale; and a brother four years younger than him, Hawk.

He is a very impetuous, impulsive young man, often making trouble where there would otherwise be none. He was a class clown in school, but is actually very serious behind that Chesire Cat smile. He would literally kill for the ones he loves, but can find a reason to like anybody. He loves being around people, but is terrified of speaking one-on-one with peers of the opposite gender. He adores music, and plays the guitar, piano, and violin very well. His main love interest is Ariana, of the Manhattan Clan of gargoyles.

His best friend in the entire world is Alexander Xanatos, the oldest child and only son of David and Fox Xanatos. They met in kindergarten, and have been inseparable since. They became blood brothers in the fifth grade, when Lark's father left them. They both still have a long, straight scar from the palms of their right hands down to the middle of their inner forearms from the impromptu ceremony.

Later on, during high school, they develop a love/hate relationship. Alex, or Xan, as Lark calls him, discovers that Lark is a vampire and part of the New Council, the reincarnation of Circle Daybreak and those that supported the exposure/merging of the Night World to the human race. Repulsed and enraged that his brother could keep such an incredible secret from him, Xan attacks him.

But that was a part of Lark's plan; he had been getting threats from members of the cult True Night (remnants of the old Night World from before the exposure of their culture), that was to use his influence over Xan to get to the elder Xanatos, and learn everything he could about the family. Lark refused, and as a result decided to break it off with Xan in order to protect him. So he turned against his brother, and in retaliation Xan carved up the side of his face with a switchblade. He now sports a curving scar that begs at the corner of the right side of his mouth, and curls up and around his cheek, lending the illusion of a demented half-smile.

Lark used to be such a happy-go-lucky kid, but then his brother was murdered by renagade Night World purists, who wanted to keep the species segregated, and hated anyone with mixed blood. After that he became much more intense and focused; this was one of the factors that played into his decision to push Xan away for his own good - he knew Xan was different, that he possibly had witch blood in him, and didn't want his secret exposed, least of all by him.

His love interest, Ariana, is a gargoyle-turned-human who is a younger member of the Manhattan Clan, the daughter of Brooklyn and Sata. She is one of Xan's good friends, and that is how she and Lark are introduced. They literally run into each other on a staircase, and Ariana bounces back down them to land on the pavement. Lark tries to help her up, and of course the sparks fly - they're soulmates, after all. They try to keep the relationship a secret, but with the intense attraction between the two reaching a fever pitch, it's becoming more and more difficult. Her family would never agree to it, and Lark knows he shouldn't be messing around with one of Xan's friends, especially after their falling out.

Lark's Gallery

If he is to be drawn in a happy picture with Xan, he should have the longer, curly hairstyle, and no scar. If it is an angsty, dark picture, he needs to have this haircut, and the scar. He usually has facial piercings, esp. in older pictures: two lip piercings, one on each side of his lower lip, with disturbed-style curving hooks coming out his mouth to represent fangs, multiple ear piercings, and an eyebrow hook. He likes rings, and armbands and multiple bracelets; artist's choice (he likes hard rock/alternative/rock opera, that sort of thing, if you want to know). Same goes with necklaces, if he has any. Usually chokers of some sort, but a regular long chain with an ankh will do as well.

On his left hand he has a thin black braided rope, which has small red beads threaded throughout it. It's wrapped around his wrist three times, with two little tassels hanging off of it - it's actually a long lock of Ariana's hair.

He prefers dark/industrial/destroyed clothing, but stylish at the same time. He has money, but likes to downplay it some. He prefers to go barefoot, but if he wears shoes they're black military-style boots. He likes toe socks, and short gloves. No hats to speak of, unless it's a bandanna, pirate-style, usually blue, red or black. Sometimes he'll wear it rolled up around his neck. Those are also his favorite colors. In his younger days, before his separation with Xan, he wore a little makeup, emo-style, mostly eyeliner. He was more girly and thin, but still tall. He liked more effeminate clothing, but his main outfit was this. After the fall-out, and some time away from Xan, he began to dress in 'macho' guy clothes, with this jacket. Usually it's destroyed jeans and a solid-colored or band t-shirt, with an unbuttoned black short-sleeved shirt under it, or jeans and a black or white tank top.

He has two tattoos; one is a stylized 'A' with angel and bat wings coming out of it over his heart...i'd love to see people's ideas of what this looks like, since i haven't come up with a real design for it yet. The other is a a field of stars on his right bicep.....it's inked black, with the stars outlined and left as cutouts to show the skin. I can't remember who it is; some guy in a band i like has the same kind of tattoo, only on his forearm. If you know what/who i'm talking about, i'd love for you to let me know, and possibly send me a picture of it for reference.

If there's anything i've left out, just PM me, and i'll be glad to fill you in!

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