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The Book of T
Wisdom, Truth, Art, Cheese, Piggys! (^(..)^) Food, Tea, Beer, Supplements, Herbal stuff, Health, Plants, Animals, Religion, Anime, Video Games, and other stuff.
Neeky asked, "What is the meaning of life?"

The Meaning of Life is to be one with the Creator of Life. To live life is to seek life. To give Life. Many things can be done, but only with true, just, and good intention do they have any merit. Good intention makes our deeds bloom like beautiful flowers. We must give and only desire to receive the good, although we will obtain sufferings, these sufferings have merit, they teach us, allow us to grow and bring us closer to Truth. It is in giving that we truly receive. Treasure is obtained although it is not visible treasure. The Divine Will of the one who resides over all is the will that we should infuse ourselves. The human family must not be divided, but united. Evil racism and other moral wrongs should be avoided for they bring destruction to our hearts. Truth must be sought. Continue to seek and you shall find. Discern and meditate upon what you learn and seek others to lead you to the light. The light has no contradictions. The Light illumines the Way to the Truth. Questions, there are many in the world. We must ask. Do not be uncaring but care. Care for all people and your heart will grow. True love is the desire of all human hearts even the evil ones. To know love one must be united with the one who is Love. The creator of love is the only one that can make strong the bonds of love to each person. The meaning of life is different for each person but has the same goal. Things of this world pass away like a rotten banana or a 100 year old hamburger. Everything material becomes dust in the wind. Things other than what this world contains must be sought. On any level these spiritual things bring fulfillment for billions of people but there is only one Truth. Truth is not relative to each person. We may have opinions but there is only one actual Truth. Truth is a person but this person has brought a chain of people that throughout the ages have brought truth in the name of Truth itself. Is the invisible not there? Then what about the Air that gives us life. We don't see oxygen but yet it continues to make us live. We must seek the invisible, the mysterious, the powerful. Do not neglect the desire of Truth. Seek, my friend, like the curious raccoon or the inquisitive bear.

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