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O mangiar questa minestra o saltar questa finestra.
(Either eat this soup or jump out this window.)

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tek tek dump
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Art Dump
Been drawing a bit again... funny how you can have a couple years lasp and then suddenly be inspired to pick up the pen.

zelda fanart

goran closeup

zora closeup

avi art for sukkato (sista)

avi of mua! xP

Some references used for zelda fanart, for designs and details really (I hate swords). All made by traditional means, small manip on paint.


Might be dumping more in the future. I've got this one in the works involving cross-dressing lolita zombie style. sweatdrop

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Dream Avi!
User Image
Total Value: 196,029 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Sacred Leaf
Elemental Hair
Gift of the Gods
Gift of the Gods
Gift of the Goddess
Egyptian Sapphire Ankh Pendant
Egyptian Gold Bracelet
Egyptian Gold Bracelet
Elegant Lord's Mask (Gold Falcon)
Gold Hoop Earrings
Gwee the Dragon
Oculus Magica
Elegant Emerald Lace Fan
Gold Tribal Bottom Tattoo
Gold Tribal Left Arm Tattoo
Gold Tribal Right Arm Tattoo
Gold Tribal Torso Tattoo
Gold Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Gold Promise Ring
Enchanted Strings

AX fun piccy's.
For those who know my xanga, this is basically the same thing.

Well, I uploaded some pics from AX cause I know Harken wanted to see them. As well as Sticky and James and all those crazy mexicans. xD Too lame to use stupid BBC code so just upped it one of my remote geocities. v_v;; Enjoy my stupid commentary!


Whoooo...on the cd's, there's about twice as many pics. Argh, making that thing took like five hours cause I had to resize each picture individually in order to upload onto photobucket. Laaaame. Never gonna bother with so many pics again. =_=;;

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Gaaaah!!! Art shop open!
My art shop ish open! ^-^;;

[[....W I N G Y....A R T....S H O P....]]

Go there and commission me bitches! >D

A first customer?!
Haha not really. wink
Are ya still willing to do an art trade shinobi_skyline?
This is just a sketch, and resized horribly. sweatdrop So if you say yes, I wouldn't mind fixing it up, otherwise, you can keep this as giftart. 3nodding

User Image

sweatdrop stressed Sorry for giving ya such a dazed look. I tried drawing ya with that other outfit ya had, but I can't draw clothes for the life of me! xp (not good since I'm opening a shop soon...) When ya changed your avi, I was relieved. I don't mind drawing topless guys. 4laugh

ANYWHO. Hope ya like. whee

::The acutal update::
What the hell? It's so late, why am I even on?!?!? O yeah, I was dl-ing Wild Rock. *goes into fits of yaoifangirl giggles* ZOMG. CAVEMEN. IN LOINS. xD Why didn't I think of that? Some good s**t. Thank you aarinfantasy! whee

Ahem...anywho. I need to stop staying up till two dl-ing manga and the like. Actually, today I went to borders and got Absolute Boyfriend! 3nodding HAHA! Jealous Mother? Jeez...I think it's waaaay better than imadoki! (or however it's spelled) Night is soooo kyute! *joygasm* But I just know she's gonna end up with the freak in the glasses. stare GRRR!!! Only one person can pull off glasses and still look sexy and that's my MURAKI!!! *clings* Muraki for life!!!! *rant rant*

I also read the Tsubasa 8, xxxholic 6 (again, cause I like the last story with watanuki and that non-human-lady. xD), and Whistle 3! surprised I was surprised to see it there, the third volumes good! I was hanging on my stool for dear life! (damn old ladies taking the chairs!) xp Poor sho' he gets hurt. @_@ DON'T DIE!!!! *spoiler?* sweatdrop Sorry!

Ok, I think I'm done. Ek, no I'm not...forgot about this other manga I was reading...Sadenke Yaruze!!! It's about a voice actor guy who reunites with his son, but because his son's now living with him, he has to take on voice acting jobs involving him to be a gay guy! xD God, some of the things he had to say. xD It's great...and freak'in long too! I think eighteen chapters, and the chapters are freak'in long as well! I think there's five volumes, I just finished the third (I'm so surprised, there's been no sex yet... crying ) There was this funny scene where his son came to the recording studio as he was doing a yaoi scene. xD The son was like O_O;;;

Yeah! Ok, NOW I am done. Until next time folks! Maybe I'll have my shop up by next time! ^-^;;

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Unda, Con-struck-shun!
Don't mind this post...it's for my own use since I have no paper right now...

Post 1- Introduction, header pic, about what I do, why

Post 2- Rules (haha), updates

Post 3- Prices with Sample art. Yay!

Post 4- Commisions to be done, commissions in the bag (requests on this entry)

Post 5- Gifts? Links? Extra spiffs...


1st- pencil sketches, altered a bit to the color of your choice. (red blue, green, yellow...single)

- Head: 30g
- Bust: 35g
- Waist: 50g
- Full Body: 100g

(with waist and full body, I will add more detail and probably would look better than my bust or head's. hence more expensive...if you can call that expensive.)

Prices are low for now, may be raise if I become popular. ^-^

2nd- Inked sketches, not so refined, not altered, bnw.

- Head: 100g
- Bust: 150g
- Waist: 200g
- Full Body: 250g

These may or may not be good quality...whether they are rough pen sketches or refined, please ask.

3rd- Colored, color pencils, markers, crayons(kidding) I ink and then color them in so bold inked outline.

- Head: 300g
- Bust: 400g
- Waist: 500g
- Full Body: 600g

These are very cheap. Maybe I should up the prices more...but I guess my art are for the common people. I was always a n00b lover...@_@ Depending on how many people are interested....I'll see how my prices fly.

Commision Slots: I'll only have three or five slots open and expect a two week wait. @_@ At the very least. Do not send a trade until I ask you too. You may request on the entry, or you may pm me. I will usually respond in a pm rather than on my own entry. After we agree on a price and type of art I will do the art then blah blah blah bunny! bunny! boo! I will ask them to send trade and then when I see the monies! *greed* I will show them the art, and then finish trade.

If anyone cheats me out, it's not like my art is that good anyway, but I'll be on their asses and I'll sick Mother and Tavie and Kovie on them!!!! *keel*

Rules: Follow TOS umm...don't make me mad? Don't beg...research on this later...

Contest?: My hundreth customer will be on the house! :3

What I can't do: This should go under the rules...sex! some gaia clothes cause they are ugly...xP

What I can do: Yaoi (but that's sex they say, and I say nay!) w.i.p.

Hmmm...can't think of anything else. Now I just have to render some sample art and scan them and fix 'em up and then crop and s**t and then organize better...and delete some posts...then my art shop will be up!!!

Next I might do an auction...but only after my shop has had some customers...so at least some people will know of me. @_@

BEGIN!!! said the bird to the rabbit and turtle...
Hola mis amigos! I have a question for ya'll. I'm thinking of opening up a commission store for my beautiful artwork! And I'm thinking I'll start it off here, in my journal. (for now, I might make a thread later) So yes! Before I actually get started, I need to compile samples and think up prices and organize! biggrin Sounds fun right?

SO HEY THERE TO ALL MY BUDDIES! That shout out was to you. Yes you. You know who I'm talking about. *winkith*

The Angel has flown the coup!

(I just realized I actually never asked you guys a question...hmmm, guess you'll never know.)

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