Oh you could just PRETEND to be with her, all day.

-Remember the feeling when you got your first,
-Held hand, today?
-Imaginary your favorite white dress.
-Smiling at you and tell that you're the BEST!

Oh you and me, sitting on the tree.

-Oh yummy yummy yeah?
-Will you marry me tonight.
-It's like a reality come's to place.

And tonight that she hold, you tight.

-You think that fantastic is right?
-It's like the reality come's to place.
-That you couldn't make her..
-Staaay, hey yeah.

Hey! day dreamer, you could just pretend that she's holding you tight.

-Uh oh oh, uh oh oh oh uh oh oh, oh wow.
-Hey you're a knight in a shiney armor,
-Protecting her to show how much you love her.
- ...