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Lost in thought journal
This journal is really only about my stories that I enjoy writing, or it might be a role play me and my roleplay partner, Dragonite {MoonKnightMenyss}, are doing that we are doing and I decided to add my own new toches and make it a story of its own.
Rabbit Tails

The forest was quiet. No wind was blowing, no birds were chirping, and not even the brooke by the den was making a noise as it flowed gently by. They forest was on gaurd. The forest was on watch. And intruder threatened someone. That intruder, threated the rabbit that kept this forest alive, and this forest wasn't about to let that intruder take her.

"I know she is around her some were... A girl like her can't hide in the den forever.." said a low toned voice. The bush rustled as a quick glance of rabbit ears zipped by. The voice suddenly revelaed himself. His black hair waved into his deep blue eyes, while the rest was tucked him inside his dusty brown hat. His rusty colored leather jacket glistened slightly in the newly risen sun as the dew from the leaves took to it.

His pants were old jeans, holes either already worn in, or starting to devolop just below the knees. The black, polished, worn out hunting boots he wore made little, to no sound as he walked on the slick mossy rocks. He kept his balance the best to his abbilities as the branches started to slash at his unprotected face.

"All this for a rabbit... She better be worth is for the collection." the man said angered as the leaves left water sliding down his face, making it get cold as the wind suddenly blew onto him in quick bursts. He held his hands out, moving the leaves and branches before they reached him, until, he lost his footing and slid down the slop of the hill. He tummbled and rolled down the slick moss, till he stopped in a valley full of wild flowers.

"A crap... This is to much! I might as we- huh?" in the distance, the glimps of a girl came into view. She wore a small skirt, no lower than half way to her knee. The lace flowed evenly with the wind as it whirled around her. She had white hair pined back, reveailing her blackish blue eyes. A blue blouse covered all of her shoulders, and parts of her upper arm as the lacy detail showed no intent to stay frozen.

The also wore white high heels, while light blue stockings covered he legs. The boy stared at her wth confustion. What was this girl doing out here in the forest? Had she maybe lived here? Was this her secret flower spot? All these questions flowed into the intruder's mind, until, his breath got taken away when the girl looked up...

Two large, white, fluffy rabbit ears dropped over her head. Their pinkish insides slightly reflecting the sun's light. When she turned to an angle, there, was the round, puffy rabbit tail..

"T-there she is.." The inturder said with aw. He couldn't believe it. A mear five feet infront of him was the girl he had been hunting for, for years... And she was there for the taking...

(End of Rabbit Tails Part 1)

Ronha Xingzhi
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Ronha Xingzhi
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