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Mai Gaia Journal well you'll just have to find out , won't ya, hmmmm.

WolfPup Mai
Community Member
My story, entry 1

It was hazy.
A little blurry too; smudged around the edges and sort of slipping away. How hard it is to dredge up memories. The older they got the faster they seem to melt away. The more you try to reach them, the more difficult the battle became. But I knew I desperately had to remember this one. I had to fight on, had to make it resurface.

Green. And wet. I remember falling, I got back up I think because now I’m walking again. I’m in the woods, but it’s so dark. Wait! There’s the sun, but it’s disappearing behind the trees. Twilight, that must be the time of day. Then why am I in the woods, does anybody know? I’m lost, the trees are so big, and I’m all turned around. Is anyone there? Somebody, anybody… I need help, I’m lost. Wait, is someone there? There is, behind that tree! Hello, I know you’re there, please take me home. Boy they’re tall, and fast.
Oh, who might you be?
Why are his ears pointy? My name is Ebony.
Is it now? What a pretty name, and how old are you Ebony?
Thank you, and I’m seven years old. He ruffled my hair, and smiled a very warm smile that lit up his eyes.
So sweet and polite, but may I inquire as to why you are out here so late at night?
His eyes are gold. I don’t know why I’m out here.
You do know that it is dangerous in the woods at night, do you not? I should take you directly home, and tell your parents!
I would like it very much if you would take me home, but please don’t tell Daddy!
Do not fret little one, I will not inform your father…as long as I hold the honor of being your first kiss when you are older.
That seems reasonable enough; I won’t be old enough to kiss anyone for a long time and I desperately want to get home. As long as I get to touch your ears, then it’s a deal. He’s laughing as he bends down to my level. I reach out…and touch one. They really are pointy!
Alright, time to go home; enough fun for one day.
He took my hand and led me through the maze of trees.
………that’s not right…I forgot something…just a little more……

I woke with a start to the nasal buzzing sound of my alarm clock. What was I dreaming about? I am normally so good at remembering my dreams, but I cannot quite conjure this particular one. As my feet hit the cold floor and my hand automatically went to the silver locket around my neck, I pushed it to the back of my min; no teenager should be made to wake at five in the morning on summer break. Then again, most teenagers’ dads don’t decide to make their cross country move by car. I sighed, no use wasting time.
We had packed last night, so all that was left to do was to get dressed, eat, and get my entertainment bag into the car. I pulled my waist length black hair into a ponytail and put on a comfy sweatshirt and jeans; if I was going to be in a car for two to three days, I was going to be comfortable. I checked my bag again….ipod, phone, sketchbook, journal, Twilight, Poison, and Maximum Ride. Good, it was all packed. I opened my door to darkness. Just like him it was; tell me to get up at o’dark thirty and not get up himself. As I was eating my frosted flakes my dad finally decided to trudge out of his room.
“Ahh, morning Dad, finally decide to grace me with your presence?” I grinned
“Shut up smart-aleck!” Dad growled in his normal morning droll. He is such a morning person! As he went to don his shoes, I trudged my way to the car. Boy was I going to miss Florida: the salty air, cool wind, mild climate, warm rains, and my tan………

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