I have been very fortunate as to become part of an awesome convention: SakuraCon! I worked as a Guest liason! I shook hands with Akitaroh Daichi, Yasuhiro Nightow, and Sumi Shimamoto! I was forced to drink beer by my guest, Jason Liebrecht! (He wouldn't let me leave the bar until I ordered something, so I ordered hefeweizen and only finished half of it)! I hung out with the Funimation Guests! (Actually, it was more along the lines of running around the Con behind them, because the left me and their liasons behind all the time!) >.< I learned that Spike Spencer and Doug Smith are absolutely nuts when put in the same room! I met the awesome artists who worked on this year's mascot and the last two mascots! Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo) is very cool and laid back! (Still in awe)!

Now my brother isn't the only one who gets to Liason and meet the cool people!


Now that the fangirling is out of my system, I have to say that this has been an awesome Easter weekend! I'm looking forward to next year, provided that they'll have me back.

I've also been able to hang out with some old friends from the Anime Cafe. Thanks to Lony for getting me the last minute job at the Con (and letting me hang out with his guest, Fred Gallagher), Sempai for letting me room with him at the hotel, and to Brady for sympathizing with me when our Funimation Guests ran off without us numerous times (as well as being the British Ninja that he is)!

I also send my best wishes to Rik Wall, who is serving in the War. If it wasn't for his work and the other founders (and his Cafe) then SakuraCon would never have existed. I don't know if he has access to the internet or if he knows of my account here, but I hope he knows that we, the former regulars of the Cafe, are wishing him to come home safe and sound.

YAY! *jumps with victory*