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Attack on Titan OC stories
sad and possibly heart breaking stories about the hardships of my ocs in the life of Attack on titan.
Bauer Seite and his fiance Frei Wesen were assigned the task of escort during the events of the Female Titan's pursuit to capture Eren Jaeger. They had separated from the main group led by Levi Rivalle to intercept a possible titan threat, upon slaying the titan, they eventually decided to head back to rendezvous. The two love birds started a race, seeing who could beat the other to the main group. They were equally matched, Bauer being in front with Frei close behind; out of the corner of Bauer's eye, he saw the smiling beast. "Watch out!!" he cried, but it was to late. He heard a sickening thud and fear swelled inside him, but before he could do anything....it went black. Every part of his body was in pain as he began to gain consciousness; his eyes instantly widened to the sight of the titan biting into the side of his beloved fiance, and he started to scream as it ripped away flesh and bone. "Let go of her!!! Please, just...take me instead!" his screaming reached the titan's ears and as if it understood....it stopped, shifting its attention over to him. The foul creature threw his mangled lover away as if it were a piece of trash and started to reach for him. Bauer readied his blades and with a swift fluid motion, cleaved off the titan's fingers. The titan despite its howls of pain, still advanced towards him; Bauer looked around frantically, trying to find the easiest way to dispatch the monster. A split second and he was too late, the titan snatched him up with the other hand, holding him up towards its mouth. The grotesque features of the monster became clearer now....its parched lips now moistened and stained red from his lovers blood, and its eyes! Oh those cold, hollow, lifeless eyes! Bauer just stared into the titan's eyes with tears of pure mortal fear, not even realizing that it had started to open its jaws. The hot, putrid breath of the titan snapped Bauer out of his somewhat hypnotized state; its giant mouth loomed over him, about to deal him the same fate as Frei, when suddenly an ear-shattering scream erupted from over the tree tops. The titan pulled away from him and closed its jaws, looking in the direction of where the scream originated, as if being beckoned.......

[Whooo.....ok well....this is the start of a very sad story between Bauer Seite and his fiance Frei Wesen.. I am not a good story writer ok?! so dont throw me to the titans if it seems boring~ D:]

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