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Joor what?
Really don't expect to read much here of interest. Just random spammage, links that amuse me, a little about what artwork I'm currently working on (omgwtfbbq).
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First of all, let me say, hoshit! I knew there was going to be a lot of comments, but I didn't know there was going to be 3 days of them! gonk

So, I apologize to everyone who I haven't responded to. I'm slowly going through the PMs and the tons (literal tons!) of page comments. Some will never get responded to. Gaia has a time limit on how fast/often you can respond to comments. Multiply that by over a thousand and you can see why I don't wish to spend all day every day for the next several days trying to respond to each and every comment.

Thank you, everyone, for all of the congratulatory messages and wonderful compliments to my artwork heart

So let me try to address some of the frequently asked questions here:

Yes, I'm Anneliese Stehwien, the artwork was done by me smile No, I don't do commissions. I'm way too lazy. The artwork I'm currently working on is even put on hold while I play Sims 3 ninja But thank you for asking biggrin

No, I will not donate gold to you, you cannot have my ears, and I will not let you borrow any of my items *pokes with a stick* Silly people xp

The tail comes from Tomo's Basket.

The eyes are from Oisin's Blessing.

The weapon I'm holding is called Spear of Chaloc (which you can buy in the Market Place or make with items from zOMG).

The badges can be earned by playing zOMG.

My DA gallery is linked in two difference places in my profile smile

I use a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. I used to draw it on paper, scan it in, then clean it up and color in photoshop. But I decided to just cut out the paper part and now do it completely digitally.

Now, I'm going to spam a whole lot of people with friendship rejections soon. Firstly, I'm sorry. But I did point out in my profile that I won't accept a friendship request until we're friends. Or at least have talked a couple of times xp

So if I reject you, it doesn't mean I do not wish to get to know you! I'm more than happy to get to know people 3nodding But let's see if we even like each other, eh? xp Not everyone can handle my messed up sense of humor blaugh

Also, if I reject you and we actually do know each other, make sure you send me a PM and let me know who you are. Some of you aren't using the username that I know you as (sneaky bastiches!).

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