heart heart Welcome heart heart

After my mishap with my last Gaia account, Kira Ookamie (Of which was shut down for some reason) I have finally created a new one. Recently I have been attempting to sell artwork (many you will find on my profile) but I have not been very successful. On certain sites I have done small free bee sketches for publicity and I've gained a few 'watchers' from it, so I wouldn't call it a bust. Just very, very slow progress.

Aside from that I have been working on a particularly large project; repainting my room. The walls are now two white, two black, the black ones having a white phoenix, draco, and a reaper on them so far. You can find pictures of them currently on my dA. I have yet to do the trim of the room but I am in no particular hurry to get those finished, either.

Hopefully I should have progress on these things at a later date.