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Stories From Fur to Fur
Tour's End
This is a story i've had in my head for a long time. Its called Tour's End. I am working on another story at the moment but this is the beginning of it. Enjoy =^.^=

[Edit] I've completed more of the story and have posted it. Check it out.

The crowed roared to life as I walked onto the stage. My tail twitched with excitement as I saw thousands of people cheering and screaming, and all of it was for me. I threw my hands into the air with my pinky and forefingers extended and, even though it seemed impossible, the crowed roared even louder and threw there hands in the air following my example. I threw my hands down and made a sweeping motion with my arm signaling for quiet and almost immediately the crowed went dead silent.

“Is your heart as dead as dust?” I said into the mic I held in my hands. The crowed sprang to life and I swept my hand across again. “Have you lost all feeling? Have you given up on your pathetic existence?” I smiled to myself, only as a singer for a heavy metal band could you insult your fans and they will still love you. “Have you died inside completely!!!!?” I yelled into the microphone in my deepest most demonic voice I could muster.

That set the crowed off like dynamite. It was all just an act of course, an appearance that my fans expected. “Then you have passed your final test and ready to descend to the darkest reaches of hell.” I looked to my right at Ricky. Our raccoon morph lead guitarist. Then to my left at our bassist, a black cat whom we all called Twitch because she is always moving. Behind me our drummer, a fox nicknamed Cleric because he is the only religious one in our group, started the beat.

“I live for this.” I thought in my mind, “Only suitable that I should die from this.” Then a gunshot rang out. Barely heard over the crowd and my vision faded as the blood poured from the bullet wound in my chest.

I woke up screaming and dripping in sweat. “Holy s**t, ugh, this is why I hate sleeping.” I said aloud as I looked around the penthouse that was my home until the next town on the bands tour.

I’ve been having dreams like this for a while now and it was really getting to me. I am Sylver Foxx, The singer for the famous heavy metal band Rageclaw. I’m named for my hair which is ‘A magnificent silver color’ as some people put it. It’s just a genetic defect because my mother was an arctic fox with pure white hair and my father was a red fox with grey hair. A birthmark I have that I usually keep covered up with my hair is a black streak of fur across my right eye. It makes me look too intimidating. At least I thought it did.

There was a knock on the door followed by a voice that I recognized as Twitch’s “You ok in there Nickel Head?” Nickel Head was my nickname when we weren’t performing.

“Ya I’m fine Twitch. Just go back to sleep.”

“You better get some sleep too. I don’t want you sucking tomorrow because you only got an hour of sleep.”

“I know. And that wasn’t my fault; Cleric slipped caffeine pills into my soda.”
“Excuses, excuses. Just get some sleep alright.” With that I heard her door open and then close.

“I guess I should at least try and get some sleep.” I said to myself. I looked over at the clock. It was 12:53 Am. I sighed and headed over to my bed and pulled the sheets up to my neck and lay there, wide awake, there for the rest of the night.

That morning I got up and headed for the bathroom and took a shower, then brushed my teeth, and finally, groomed myself to perfection. I took pride in how I looked especially since I was the center of attention for at least an hour a night every few days. But during that hour I usually had at least some kind of makeup on.

Someone opened my door and I heard them head over to my bathroom door. “Sylver, you in there?” It was Ricky

“No, I’m in bed with Twitch, of course I’m in here.” I said sarcastically.

“I heard that!” Came Twitch’s voice from the hallway.

I laughed at that and so did Ricky, “listen dude me and Cleric are goin downtown to pick up some stuff. You wanna come?” He had emphasized the word “stuff” he must have been talking about drugs. I always hated the fact that three quarters of the band was high almost 24/7.

“No, I’m good.” I replied after a bit of thought.

“Whatever man. The offers up for grabs anytime.” With that he left my room, and closed the door.

I sighed as I had finished brushing out my tail. I then got up and went downstairs passing by Twitch’s room where I heard our latest single playing. There were a couple people sitting in the lobby as I passed through to a table where I grabbed a plate and placed a pastry and an apple on it. I took a seat at a table near the back of the lobby and focused my attention to the news. I was a little relieved that there was something other than my face on T.V.

“Sylver? Where are you, ah there you are.” That was our band’s manager Satan, or Kevin, as some call him. “Sylver I need you to come with me.”

“Cant it wait till after the weather?” I asked adding a hint of annoyance to my voice still staring at the television.

“I’ll tell you the weather, its going to rain fire on that pretty little mop of hair you have if you don’t help set up the pyrotechnics.” He was obviously on a tight schedule today because he was talking extremely fast, which in turn made his voice squeaky and annoying as hell.

“Fine mouse man.” I said as I got up and shoved the last bit of pastry in my mouth. We set off in Satan’s car and arrived at the White River Amp Theater. I saw the first of the fans already standing out in front of the ticket gates. I started walking towards them because they hadn’t noticed me and I wanted to sneak up on them. It was a load of fun if done right.

An arm grabbed my jacket, “They can wait. We need you now.” Satan pulled me towards the back entrance. We reached the main stage. It was a little barren but that will all change tonight when we get all the lights and equipment all set up.

I was led backstage to where all the equipment of stuff was. I saw the space laid out with all kinds of wires and boxes. I went over to it without another word and went to work. I made extra sure that I was careful because these were highly flammable and could easily kill me. In the en it makes for a kick-a** performance. Finally finished hooking up all the wires and calibrating the main switchbox and explaining what does what to the person that actually set off the fireworks took almost all day.

I still had a few hours left before the performance so I went to seek out my bandmates.

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