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Diary of Yet Another Crazy Person.
The Smell of Opportunity is Sweet Indeed.

It seems that life has finally decided to present this dark horse with a chance to Usurp the king from his throne. My father has been quite the lazy man as of late. Feeling as though since he was fired since his last job the rest of the house should get a job while he lazes around and withers away all day. If I must pay the bills of this house to make up for his lack of ambition then I shall do more then just that. I shall take from him the throne he seats himself upon and give him a reason to start proving his worth. A job opportunity showed itself in town. If I get it I can probably save the house we live in from being taken back by the landlord. Though If I'm going to do the old mans job for him I might as well have him removed from the lease and just set myself up as the owner of this property. I see no point paying the bills only to be disrespected and treated like some trash as they usually belittle me. Take the castle from the king and leave the queen to make a decision. Its as simple as that...They take their share of the responsibility seriously or LOSE IT. I won't be forced to feed into my ambition only to let them remain in power! I'll take it all! Bwahahaha! lol

Harsh Realization.
I've always had this fascination with artists. I don't mean Artisans in general but rather just Artists..Painters and Sketchers....Sculptors and even those whom are merely skilled with colors. For the longest time I just pushed it aside as the fact that art is just visually appealing but after looking at the contest on gaia tonight I realized something.... I don't think there was even a day in my life that I was able to right a good positive poem... That's when it hit me...I'm fascinated with artwork because it has something I don't... Artists can create something beautiful...Where as all I make is things that are dark...I can't drew a stick figure worth a crap...But...I can sit down for two to three hours and iron out piece of literature in which the very theme of it holds a darkness to it... I'm fascinated with Artists because I am envious of their talents..It almost Humbles me to look at their work...I mean sure there are some poor artists out there but even still for the great few that aren't really cut out for art they might find themselves like me. Able to pan out literary segments quite well..But even I'm limited...To the point its almost black and white in my eyes for the situation...

Discussions with the Matron.

So with the recent economy collapsing downhill like one of the cakes I try to make Its struck me as funny."Get a job" "Go out there and get some work" Phrases like these always did make me laugh and now a days its even more humorous as to the difficulty level only increasing to accomplish such a feat. Burger king even wants a resume now for applying there.

With all that in mind I was discussing something with my mother about the field and it came to mind to the point where I had came out and said. "Well if I still had my gift for words I could probably pump out short stories to make money." And my mother replied. "Well I've always told you that you have had the gift and that you should get to writing a book. You just have been slacking and not working on writing lately."

It struck me.... I have fallen quite a bit out of practice. So I'm thinking of getting back to roleplaying again to revive what I have that is still existent within me under Literary skill. It has just come to my attention however whether it be on Gaia or not I am unsure if I should start it here or on yahoo again...May take a bit of time to come to my decision..If I start it on here I'll probably try to make another heavily structured environment for the Rps as to keep it organized...I may end up just making a forum site for it otherwise...Or just doing that over yahoo chat instead... A little feed back wouldn't hurt though.

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