New Years already huh? Just a time to realize what you did the past year, reflect on it and then say..."Crap. That's all I did this past year?" Seriously I thought that. I did a bit of calculations, and I found out this past year, at least two months of it was spent online on Gaia and three-four months including the past two was spent on the computer. Not including sleeping, all rounded upwards...I had to say damn. That was seriously all I did this past year. Really, it made me a bit upset, but it has it's upsides and downsides I suppose. The internet is really the place for me. Like my journal title thing says, I'm a rather boring guy to be honest. Unlike my internet persona, I'm pretty much a nobody that wishes to stand out a bit. But the thing is, I haven't really done anything to stand out from the crowd, all I just did this past year was complain about it and failed at trying. It's true, I did get new friends and all...but really that's what I do every year. Really just the same old same old.

This year...meh. It'll probably wind up that I do the same thing as always, but really...I do with to stand out...even if it's just for my 5 minutes of fame. Who knows really? Hell, maybe this just has to do with the dream I had last night. It was weird to say the least. Want to hear it? Probably not, but while you're hear you might as well scroll down to my dream.

Well, I was in a playground like area, I wasn't sure. All I knew is that there were like twigs and dirt and stuff below me, like dirt in a playground. I can't remember if there was a sky above me or not, like any dream you can't remember everything. I was walking in this playground like area, and past up two girls I know playing air hockey. Yes...air hockey. No, I will not revile their names. I just walked past them and saw a blond girl, never seen anyone like her before in real life. Not really pretty, but not ugly either. She asked me if I could help her for her class. I remember I shrugged and said depends. She said she would give me $1.50 if she could kiss me for Health class, like a dummy or something. Sure the wording was weird, but I remember that was what she said. And then I said nope, and then walked away. I woke up after that.

Weird huh? My first dream of the year, and that happens. *sigh* I know dreams shouldn't be taken at face value, but hell...I have no idea what the hell it means. It probably means something along the lines I should have more fun in life or something like that.

Figure huh?