DC Comics just had to jump on the moneymaking bandwagon the past 2 years.

"Pure Manga" my fanny. It would be more pure if they didn't edit out all the Japanese background sound effects, it alters the art. It gets distracting with big bubble letter 'BOOM's instead of what would have been a tasteful erratic stick 'Dan' that mixes with the background instead of sticking out awkwardly.

And then when it gets too complicated to take out a background sound effect because it's overlayed on a character, half of the sound is taken out and an obscure 'N' character is left hanging all through out the volumes.

I didn't ask for Cipher to be licenced, translated and distributed. Why the hell pick it up? It's nostalgic 1984 pop-NY American culture shoujo crap. It's so bad that it's awesome, and should have been left alone for a few fans like myself to pick at, not distributed to a wide and unnappreciative audience.

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM WILD HALF, CMX. I'm serious. I'll cut you.