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The Demon Prince
The Beginning- Chapter one

In the beginning there was a Demon Prince. Who would rid the world of the evil Empire King Lao, until a stormy night Lao made his into the Prince’s room. And Stabbed him in the chest. Now that three thousand years has pass a new prince is born. “Kaiju wake up right now or your going to be late for your training class” shouted Shain.

As he struggles trying to wake up his best-friend. The clock on the wall starts to go off. Scaring Kaiju out of his bed. “Ouch!” shouted Kaiju as he picks him self up off the floor “what time is it?”. Shain looks up at the clock and tells him its three o’clock. Kaiju rushes to the bathroom to wash up for his class. “You know Yuri and Lexi is going to be there” said Shain as he has a big smirk on his face. “Aah! Shut up” Replied Kaiju as he rushes to straighten up his spiked hair. “Come on lets go already before we get into really hot water” said Shain. Kaiju walks out the bathroom and pushes Shain out the door.

”Aah! there you two are” shouted Lexi as she points her dagger sword at them both. “Put that thing away before you poke someone’s eye” remark Yuri. Shain looks up at the clouds and breathes in deeply and exhales. Kaiju looks around at his friend who is staring out into space. ” Shain let’s get moving okay you know how much Mr. Teacher hates starting late” shouted Lexi as she drags him by his shirt. Kaiju and Yuri just stands there laughing. Yuri looks at Kaiju and urges him to race her to class. As they start running towards their class the teacher comes to the gate and stops them.

“Ummm… we was just going to class” said Kaiju and Yuri as they came to a complete stop. The teacher just looked them and smirk at them’ Letting them go Kaiju turned and sensed something that isn’t right about him. “Yuri did you sense something strange about that teacher?” ask Kaiju. Yuri turns around and looks at Kaiju and shakes her head. ” He didn’t seem strange to me” replied Yuri. ” Shain come here for a second” said Lexi as she start smiling. “What is it now?” asked Shain. Not knowing what she wanted Shain walked over to her with one hand on the handle of his staff.

Lexi smiles and kisses him on the cheek “whats that for” asked Shain as he backs away.

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