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Rants, Shouts, and Cheers of Zara
I rant, I shout, I scream, and i pout. I laugh, I cheer, and I dance. woopee....


what to say.....
to star off, I'm korean, and in Korean culture you have miyoguk - seaweed soup - on your birthday because its believed for miyoguk to be good for you (also fed to pregnant mothers/woman who just gave birth) and will make you healthy, and so its wishing you to live a long, healthy life.

My parents don't really brother with it anymore.
And because I'm korean, I'm used to not having birthday parties, christman, easter, halloween, and all those other holidays.

When a person mention their faith as being a reason to not celebrate birthdays, most people flip out on them.

When a person mentions their culture as being a reason to not celebrate those holidays, people understand or sometimes pity them.

What the crap is the difference?!

---start chick rant---

And what is this that I'm reading about JW's coming to peoples' doors proclaiming they'll go to hell, and assuming they won't go to heaven, and the cousin that thinks being a vegetarian is wrong?!

I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I'm currently flabbergasted! (Sorry, sorry, just had to use that word, it was a dare from a friend Very Happy )

I'm currently a Junior in High School and was given the choice from when I was younger by my parents (Around 13 or so...) if I wanted to study being a JW with my cousins and my Grandparents -- and its /fun/ to be one. Seriously. I don't hear a curse word or a dirty joke or "gawd, I just jacked off last night watching XXXXXXX" ...every other second like I do at school or on tv, (the third part is mostly immature freshman and sophomores... ahem...)

Every Kingdom Hall in every language, city, country, continent--is very different, with different personalities but the beliefs and customs and habits are always the same.

When I read about quote "about JW's coming to peoples' doors proclaiming they'll go to hell, and assuming they won't go to heaven, and the cousin that thinks being a vegetarian is wrong?!" unquote, I'm shocked and apalled, and insulted. That is none of the beliefs taught!

"Hell" or the original word used for it in the Bible has a completely different meaning than what is thought of modern-day. The word, before the modern-day, meant "grave" or the place in the ground where one is buried [when they're dead].

And no, using children is not a method to "capture people and convert them easier" (or at least, its not for most.... File )
Most parents just like showing off how their child chose to accompany them instead of hanging out with their parents-- they're going "look! my kid loves me! hur hur"
while others are like "isn't my kid cuuuttte???"
Its basic parental pride :/

We're also not trying to "shove" it down your throat, we're simply following what Jesus said in the bible-- to go out and preach to our neighbors and our friends and family, door to door, about the good news (Good news as in, how God will save us from Satan and all that)

--end chick rant---

Anyways, that's my chick rant of the day.

Continuing on to answer some questions or clear some more misunderstandings....

Please don't misunderstand the whole "why are they still trying to convert people if they teach only a few people are going to heaven" thing going on....

erm, to clear that its just that, the 144,000 are the people chosen by God (wow, sounds sooooo movie cliche like XD) to go to heaven after they die in order to be by Jesus and become judges for --get ready for it--- Judgment Day. (lol, totally not redundant... Shifty )

This "Judgement Day" lasts, actually, for 1000 years (will not get into the math behind it--yes there's math involved, and being asian does not mean I'm good at it!) and it comes after Armageddon (sounds big, but only because of the movies)

Armageddon, (this explanation is way too long) is when Jesus and the other Angels in heaven that are still with God, well, basically, dukes it out with Satan and his angels

(brief explanation: God created everything, hence had made Satan, who was originally an angel, and because everyone created had their own free will and own brains and own minds, Satan decided to think bad thoughts and was all like "I don't like God anymore, who does he think he is? I am totally stronger and more powerful than him!" And Satan rebelled and then convinced other angels to rebel and then in 1914 /even more math is involved to get this year/ they were thrown out of heaven and onto earth and now earth is in Satan's control and God is like "if you think you can be a better ruler than me, please go ahead and show me" /not in a pompous way, but more of a teacher-student way.... er.... this is getting too lonnngggg/ but of course, look around you, crime rate and other bad stuff just sky rocketed after 1914.... yeah, he's not doing so well....)

ANYWAYS, they're supposed to duke it out and then of course, Jesus will win because he's got God supporting him (God created us/them. he can un-create us.... o.O) and then after Satan and his angels/fallen angels are locked away, people will be resurrectedand for a period of 1000 years (Judgment Day) and Jesus will temporarily rule as king of this new paradise where there will be no more bad stuff (i.e. death, sickness) and the 144,000 judges alongside Jesus will judge those poeples' actions and at the end, God will release Satan who will ultimately reveal who were faking or still are bad among the humans and then God will forever destroy them and its all happily ever after (literally.... hahaa... God will "smite" them... hahah XD funny mental image created of years of cartoons from childhood)

um, hrm... um.... fingers have lack of blood circulation so Im not going to type any more for tonight. O.o

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  • [04/22/10 09:03am]
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