Current Offers,Prices and Guidlines

Nothing. I am way too busy with homework and my current submissions!

(Under consideration)

Note this was made on 11/09/06. If you made an avi request prior to this it does not effect your payment amout!
-I work on one comission at a time.
-If you want me to check up with you and present you with my progess (i.e. Rough sketch, inks, preliminary colors) please state so before I begin the work.
-I cannot do full bodied or highly cluttered avatars because I am only capable of scanning 9x12 pictures and much detail will be lost and/or mutilated.
-When I finish I will send you a small 100 pixel sample of the work so you know it is done. I will send you the full( around 600 pixel) peice once I have received the correct amount of gold. If you want your submission to be a certain size please specify.

Thank You Very Much For Considering Me!!! wink heart whee