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I plan on writing about what ever pops in my head at the right moment. Lol just fun stuff, or i will be posting a story
Ira and Jalen (Cont.3)
Chapter 4
The sun comes up, and Ira got up with the sun and went outside. She sat on a branch and looked out at the view. Thinking to her self, “What am I to do, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, I never had this many people counting on me before. To think about it I never had anyone to count on me before.” Just thinking, not knowing what to do next, “How am I to convince the Indian tribe to go to the mountains and fight the king? How am I, a nobody, to do all these great things and save the world?
Jalen walked right and sees Ira, “You can do this Ira, and I know you can do this.”
Ira looked up and saw Jalen, “How do you know? I am nobody special.”
“Yes you are someone special and you are somebody, Ira, you need to stop thinking any different. You have the power to do anything you just got to think that you can and believe in yourself than you can do anything that you set your mind to.”
Ira smiled, “Ok Jalen I will try to.”
Rithrin walked out to join them outside, “You are very special Ira,” has he smiled at her.
Ira smiled back at him, “So who is ready to go?”
Rithrin walked over to Ira, and put his hand on her back, “Lead the way Ira.”
Ira got on Jalen’s back and as Jalen was about to grab Rithrin with his claws, Ira stopped him “He can ride with me, on the back of you, don’t you think you can hold the weight Jalen?”
“I think I can, I just didn’t think that you were ready for anyone to ride back there with you.”
“I can, only if you can carry the weight on your back.”
Rithrin smiled, “Are you sure you are ready for this?”
“Yes I am, now get on here and let us stop losing time.”
Rithrin got on Jalen’s back and they head off to the Indian tribe. As they where flying Rithrin put his arm around Ira’s waist.
“Are you scared?”
“No I am not,” Rithrin looked down at the ground, “Yes,” as he grabbed her waist even tighter.
“There is nothing to be scared of, I won’t let you fall and neither will Jalen.”
As soon as she said that, Rithrin loosened his grip on her and felt safer. Jalen flew off to the Indian tribe; it took most of the morning for them to get to the land. When they got there, Jalen landed a few feet way from the tribe so they didn’t scare any of them.
Rithrin got off Jalen and asked, “It’s now or never, who is ready for this?”
“Rithrin, I don’t know what to say, what if they don’t believe me?”
“Jalen and I will be right there with you don’t worry, and they will believe you.”
They headed to the tribe. When they got there the tribe looked like they were ready for them to come. The chief of the tribe came up to them.
“We have been waiting for you to come.”
When he said this,big relief came off Ira’s face and she smiled, “I am sorry that it took us so long to get here, we didn’t know where to go first.”
“It is ok, please come and join us. We know why you have come and we have a lot to talk about.”
“Ok, is it ok that Jalen goes and finds a tree and get some rest, we have traveled very long time.”
“That is fine, he just wants to stay close by in case you have to take off and fast.”
Jalen went to go look for a tree to get some rest, and Ira and Rithrin joined the chief and his people in the hunts. They all sat on the ground in a big circle, when Ira thought it was going no where the chief started to talk to all of them.
“We know why you are here, and we know everything about Rithrin, now we just got to talk on what we are going to do. Are we going to join you or are we staying out of it like we have been doing this whole time.”
One of the Indians that they called Nilesh spoke out “I think we should join in, we have been staying out of it for so long that they are taking our land and forcing us to give them our crops and leaving us with hardly anything.”
“I was thinking the same think,” Sharmistha commented.
Everyone in the circle had agreed that they should join in the fight. When everyone was talking, Ira was holding on to Rithrin’s hand for support, the chief silenced everyone.
“You all want to join in the fight, then my decision is that,” said the chief. At his words, Ira grabbed Rithrin’s hand even harder, hoping this going be the answer that they wanted to hear, “We will join in the fight, we will join them,” the chief looked at Ira, “We will join you and we will meet you at the mountains.”
Filled with relief and joy, Ira relaxed her grip on Rithrin’s hand, “Thank you, and thank you so much. We must leave as soon we can.”
Rithrin smiled, “We should wait till the morning, the minions will be out soon Ira, they don’t go out in the morning, they hate it.”
“Ok, well we should get back to Jalen. He will want to know everything; and plus we need rest for the flight to the mountains.”
“Yes, you should get some rest, and here, have some food and blankets,” chief handed Ira and Rithrin blankets and food.
“Thank you.”
“Get some rest.”
With that, Ira and Rithrin headed out to the trees, “Now, how are we going to do this Ira? We need Jalen to get into the trees.”
“No we don’t, I can to do this.”
“Are you sure? Jalen told me what happen in the tree when you fell.”
“I am sure, and yes I fell and was scared but I can do this I know I can do it,” Ira looked right into Rithrin’s eyes when he her eyes looking right into his he knows that she can do it.
“Ok, I know you can do it,” he grabbed her hand, “I believe in you.”
With that Ira put her hand up and pictured her and Rithrin right on a branch holding hands and cuddling together, then she put her hand out and hold on to Rithrin and with her other hand she hold it out in the air. As soon as she did that they were flying into the air and headed to the branch that she was picturing her and Rithrin. With a surprised, she did it she got her and Rithrin on the branch sitting on it.
With a big smile on her face, “I did it.”
“I knew you could do it,” smiled back at Ira.
“Thank you Rithrin for believing in me.”
Rithrin got closer to her, “What did you picture to get us up here?”
Ira looked at the ground, “I just picture us on this branch holding hands and cuddling together.”
“That what you think of me? You like me that much?”
“Yes, but I know you would never like me so it’s ok.”
“Why you think that?”
“Because I am a nobody and I am not important, and plus you deserve someone who is a someone.”
“ Well you are wrong, you are a someone, and important because if it wasn’t for you I would of still be on the king’s side and wouldn’t be here with you the one I am in love with.”
“You are in love with me?”
“Yes, I am it is all because I am in love with you that I change sides. I couldn’t kill the one I am in love with I will have to kill myself before that happens.”
“Awww, Rithrin.”
Rithrin got closer to her and put his lips to Ira’s lips, the kiss was like they never kissed anyone before and Ira was so amazed on that they just kissed. Jalen walked in the moment and as soon has he entered in the kiss was over like it never happened.
“What you two doing here?”
Ira quick to answer, “We were looking for you.”
“How did you guys get up here?”
“Ira brought us up here; she used magic to get up here.”
“Really? That is great Ira that you did that, you are getting stronger.”
“She sure is,” Rithrin commented as he smiled at Ira.
Ira smiled back “Yeah I did it, and I was not scared at all.”
“That is good Ira.”
Ira asked, “Jalen where are we sleeping tonight?”
“That tree right behind you, there is a whole in it. To tell you the truth I thought you guys were going to sleep with them on the ground.”
“Well I won’t want to sleep anywhere you can not sleep Jalen, we are family now. Where you go I go. I never want it to be anything different.”
“Where you two go I go too,” Rithrin spoke while he was walked over to Ira’s side.
“You are family too Rithrin, the three of us no matter what.”
“You two are so nice, I am glad it’s the three of us on this adventurer.”
Ira walked over to Jalen and gave him a big hug, “Me too.”
After Ira hugged Jalen the three of them headed to the tree where they are going to stay for the night. Ira headed to the back of the hole and laid down to go to sleep, when Rithrin laid down right next to her.
“Why are you sleeping all over here with me?”
“You know that one Ira, do I need to explain it again t you the way I did outside?”
“Oh, I know why and I am happy that you are.”
“Get some sleep now, you need the rest you had a big day.”
Ira thinking to herself “I really want to kiss him good night, but I don’t know, would it be ok with Jalen that I do that?” she hoped Jalen got what she was thinking.
Jalen came in and saw Ira, “Ira you can I have no problem with it.”
With a smile on her face, she got close to Rithrin’s face and gave him a kiss good night. Ira didn’t want to stop kissing him, but she finally fell asleep while they were kissing, and Rithrin laid her down on the nice soft blanket, then he put a blanket on top of her, “Good night Ira.” With that Rithrin laid down on the ground next to Ira and went to bed.
Jalen watched them sleep for a little bit before he went to bed.
The king Darokha sat on his thrown, he thought to him self “What to do with the girl when I have her in my castle? Now that is the question.” While he was thinking one of the ogres came to him.
“You called for me my king?”
“Yes I did, I need you to bring me the girl that they call Ira, and kill anyone who is helping her anyone who is helping her.”
“Yes sir.”
With that the ogre left the room and took his troops in search of Ira and her followers.
King Darokha went to his chambers and went to the darkest place in his chambers were he kept his tree bird, but not like Ira’s he fed his evil magic and now is evil, Daroka getting his bird ready for battle.
Back at the tree, while they slept somehow Rithrin had his arm around Ira. Ira woke up right at the dawn; she smiled when she saw that his arm was around her. She looked up right on the top of the tree. Rithrin woke up next and was embarrassed that he had his arm around her that he took his arm right off and he looked the other way.
“Why are you embarrassed? There is nothing to be embarrassed about.”
Ritrhrin looked at Ira, “Yeah.”
“Yeah, Jalen understands so don’t worry ok,” with that Ira got up and went over to Jalen and tried to wake him up. “Jalen time to get up, we have to go,” Ira rubbed his neck to wake him up.
Jalen opened his eyes, “We have to go now?”
“Yes silly we have to get there and get ready for the battle that is coming.”
“Oh, ok I am up,” Jalen got up and headed outside. Rithrin was right behind him then Ira was the last one who was out of the tree.
“You ready Ira?”
“I am ready,” she climbed on Jalen’s back and then Rithrin did the same thing, “Lets do this.” Then Jalen went in the skies and headed to the mountains.
During the flight there on the ground Ira spots the ogres, “Look there are the ogres. Don’t they follow the king Darokha?”
“Yes they do, he must have sent them to get you and kill anyone who is a follower of you. We must get to the mountains soon.”
“Jalen is there anyway you can fly any faster?”
“Ira, I can try.”
“Please do.”
Jalen flew faster to the mountains and before they knew it they were there. Now being in the mountains was great and all, but they didn’t know where the people lived in the mountains and did not think of this. With not knowing where to go Jalen landed on a mountain.
“I will go fly and see if I can find where they are and come back to you guys.”
Rithrin shook his head as in agreement with Jalen, “I will keep her safe.”
“You better.”
Ira confused on what was going on, “Wait what yo0u are leaving us Jalen?”
“Yes, Ira, I will be back soon while I am gone Rithrin will be with you and you will be safe don’t worry I will be back as soon as I can find where they live.”
“Ok, well hurry back please.”
“I will Ira, and Rithrin watch her and keep her safe.”
“I will.”
With that Jalen left in search of where the people lived.
“It just you and me now, Rithrin do you think he will be back soon?”
“I think he will, well we have to find you a place to sleep,” they started to walk in search of a place that they can sleep in.
An hour later they found a tree that had two big rocks, “This looks like a good place and when Jalen gets back he can rest here too before we go to the people of the mountains, don’t you think Ira?”
“”I agree,” Ira replied while she grabbed Rithrin’s hand.
Holding hands they walked to the tree and set out the blankets in the hole of the tree and for longest time Ira just sat there her head on Rithrin shoulder thinking about Jalen and in hopes that he will be back now.
“Ira, I know you cared about Jalen a lot, don’t worry he will be back don’t worry ok and we will be mountain people soon and you will be the hero of the land.”
“I don’t want to be a hero I just want to be with you and Jalen that is all I care about now, and if that means I have to take the king down to be happy and don’t have to worry about you two getting killed for me than I will.”
“That day will be soon just watch it will be sooner than you think, but you won’t be alone taking down the king, you will have Jalen, me and the Indian tribe and the mountain people at your side.”
“Yeah, thank you Rithrin.”
“That is want I am here for,” headed Ira, some bread, “You should eat.”
Ira grabbed the bread from Rithrin, “Thank you.”
Rithrin just smiled at her while she ate the bread.
The rest of the afternoon they talked about Rithrin’s past at the king side, and he told her everything he knew about the king. The one thing he didn’t tell her is that the king had a tree bird too but his was more evil than him and that it will be hard to defeat them.
Ira sense that Rithrin was not telling her something, “There is more, I can tell that you are not telling me something.”
“Well there is something I am not telling you, and I am sorry that I didn’t tell you. See, king Darokha has a tree bird too,” Ira gasped, “But his is nothing like yours, he fully evil and use dark magic. If he bring him to the battle then I have no idea how we can defeat him.”
Ira was in shock, she looked up at Rithrin, “You are saying that the king has a tree bird too?”
“I am glad you told me that.”
“You are not mad that I kept it from you?”
“I mad that you didn’t tell me, but I am glad you told me now and did not have towait till I saw it for my self.”
An hour later it got dark and Ira was about to go to sleep when she remembered, “I left my bow at the other tree, I was ready to go and wanting go then and there that I left it there.”
“Have you ever tried calling it before?”
“Why would I try to call it?”
“If you left it in a spot that it don’t belong then you should always try to call it you never know if it will come to you, was your bow with you wehen Jalen saved you from the giant bat man?”
“Yes, I was about to use it when he came out to save me.”
“Then try calling it and see if it will come to it, use your powers to call it.”
Ira took her hand out and thought about her bow that was in the tree, laying there in the hole and picturing it flying in the sky to her. She kept that picture in her head for next 20 minutes, when the 20 minutes was over there her bow was right in her hands.
“It worked.”
“Of course it did, I told you Ira you are special and you have powers that everyone wish they had.”
Ira smiled when Rithrin said that, she cuddle up in the blankets and laid next to Rithrin and they both went to sleep.

Ira and Jalen (Cont. 2)
Chapter 3
At the tree Ira wakes up, she looks at Jalen who was not even in the tree anymore. Ira walked out of the tree and stands on a branch.
While Ira looked in the sky, “Jalen, where you go?”
From the behind her Jalen replies, “I am right here.”
“Where did you go?”
“I heard something, so I went to go check it out, and we have to go now.”
“What? Already, I want so food first then go.”
Jalen looked behind him “We don’t have time, and we don’t have time to fight about this either.”
“Why not, its not like anyone can find us up here, you blend with the trees around her and I can just go inside the tree again.”
“With that we could but you came out and now we got Rithrin’s minions after us.”
Ira looked at the ground and does not see anyone coming “I don’t see anyone.”
“That’s because you don’t have eyes like I do, and don’t have eyes like they do. They can see from miles away from where they are and see everything.”
Having a very angry look on her face, Ira finally came to senses “Fine, lets go, but we don’t even know where to go. Where we suppose to go Jalen?”
“I know where another forest is we can go there for a while till we figure out where to go.”
“Ok, let’s go to that one then, but we have to be quick about it.” Without a single sound, Ira got on Jalen and they started to fly. The way to the other forest that Jalen forgot to tell Ira is that they have to go towards the minions to get to them.
“Are you crazy? We are heading right towards them.”
“It’s the only way to the other forest; we have to go this way.”
“Go a different way, there has to be a different way.”
“There isn’t, this is the only way, and it’s to late now to turn back.”
While they were flying over the minions, Ira looked down and saw all of them.
Thinking to her self “They are really not good looking minions.”
As soon as she finished thinking this, the minions started to shoot arrows and throw other weapons at them, in the hopes to hit them. Thankfully for Ira and Jalen, that the minions kept on missing and didn’t leave a single mark on them, when they thought it was all over Rithrin appeared right in front of them.
“Where do you think you are going?”
Ira not knowing who this teen is, replies “Get out of our way; we have to leave before their master comes or they decide to get smart.”
Jalen trying to fly around Rithrin, but no matter which way he goes Rithrin always right there in is way.
“Again, I ask where you think you are going?”
Jalen frustrated, “Just get out of our way now Rithrin this isn’t your battle!”
“Rithin? Isn’t that the guy who works for the king?”
“Yes he is and the one in our way.”
Ira looked at Rithrin with some confused look in her eyes whispered to herself “I thought he was to be ugly, but he is beautiful.”
Rithrin smiled like he heard what she has said, “Yea I am Rithrin the teen that works for the king, who has all the magic in the world,” he replies while he raised is hand aimed at Ira “So any last words you will like to say before you die?”
Ira noticed that Rithrin is off his guard and wont be able to stop them if they went down close to the ground, who wouldn’t expect them to fly so close to the ground where the minions were. The whole time she was thinking this Jalen shook his head like he heard everything she was thinking about what they can do to get away.
“Is that a no? Petty, I felt bad to killing you, wish I could make you my queen, but it is what is and people need to die when they get to people’s way,” as soon as a bolt left his hand, Jalen and Ira already headed down to the ground, flying close to it Rithrin’s minions started to chase after them.
“Come on Jalen, faster they are gaining on us.”
“I am trying; it’s not easy with all the trees I have to dodge.”
Ira looked back to see how close they were to them, and noticed that they had stop “Jalen you can stop fly so fast, they have stop following us.”
Jalen slowed down, “I wonder why they stopped.”
“I don’t know why, but I don’t want to stay to find out either. There was something different with that guy Rithrin, something I never saw before.”
“Don’t you think about it, he is on the on the good side he is our enemy he wants to kill us, mostly you thought it seems.”
After that they flew in silence, Ira was still thinking of Rithrin and what she saw in his eyes. She was thinking to herself “Those eyes, something about him make seem different from all the other people that are after us, it seems like he doesn’t want to be on that side of evil, but on the side of good or whatever side on I am on. O my goodness, just listen to me sounds like I think he is in love with me, but that can’t be right, can it?”
“Ira, we are here, you can get off now.”
Ira, snapped out of thought “O, I am sorry,” gets off Jalen, and she sat on a branch on a tree. “Today has been a long day and a weird one too.”
“That is for sure, I will be right back I will go look for some food, while you make yourself comfy in the tree.”
“Ok, I am a little hungry,” with that said Jalen flew off in look of some food that they can eat and Ira went inside the tree to get warm, and so she can hide just in case they came looking for her.
While Ira was waited for Jalen to come back with some food, she decided to take a quick nap, when she fell asleep, in her dream she was in a place she has never seen before there was a guy in her dream. She walked up to the boy looked at him in his big brown eyes she saw a different side of him that no one has ever seen before. She asked him what his name was he answered “Rithrin is my name.” when she heard that she knew what Rithrin she was talking to the one she saw in the teen that same day. Ira smiled at the Rithrin, and he smiled back, “I never had anyone smile at me Ira, thank you.”
“Oh really well you are very welcome, I have to ask why are you in my dreams?”
“I knew you would ask me that, well see the real me is hidden in side and no one has seen me ever, and I am scared to turn evil to good, but I want to do it cause well I love someone very special to me and it was love at first sight.”
“Oh I get it is me, am I right? Its not that hard to change sides Rithrin.”
“Yes it you that I am in love with, and for me it is hard I am never going to be perfectly on the good side I am always going to have those evil thoughts, I been on the king’s side for so long that I don’t know how to act any different then I know.”
“It is ok Rithrin, we can do it together. I will be at your side like you would be at my side. You never have to be alone ever again.”
“And you Ira will never have to feel alone or lost. I will be there for you no matter what.”
“Then why don’t you come and to me in the real world, come and help me in the world out of my dreams.”
“I will join you as soon as I can get ride of the minions and destroy them.”
“Ok I will be waiting for you to join us.”
“I love you Ira,” and with that Rithrin and the dream was gone and Ira woke up. As she woke up Jalen was there with some eggs.
“Jalen, how long have you been there?”
“I just been here for a few, but long enough to here you say Rithrin in your sleep, why did you say his name?”
“Umm…he was in my dreams and it was the real him and he want to join us as soon as he can destroy the minions to make sure they can’t hurt us.”
“You know this could be a trap Ira right?”
“I know it’s not a trap.”
“How do you know this?”
“Because I have very good judge on people and I am not going to let some one fall to the evil if I have a way to change him and help him be a better person.”
“Ok, I hope you know what you are doing Ira.”
“Yea, me too.”
“By the way I have brought some eggs that you can eat.”
Ira walked up to where Jalen had laid the eggs, “how can I eat them? They have to be cooked so I can eat them.”
“My bad,” Jalen brook them on a piece of bark and shoot fire from his mouth cooking the eggs, “Here you go.”
“Thank you Jalen,” Ira started to eat the eggs. While she was eating, in another part of the forest was Rithrin, fighting the minions he had created. With one blow of his fire blast they were all gone. It was not really hard for him to destroy them, after he destroyed the minions he head toward were his love was falling the scent of her to her.
Rithrin walked on the ground till he could no longer smell the scent of Ira, so he went up to the trees where the scent was stronger. Back at the tree, Ira was about to finishing off her eggs when Jalen heard something heading towards them.
“Something or someone is coming towards us.” As soon as he had finished his sentence, Rithrin was right behind him. “What are you doing here?”
“I promised someone that I would come after I destroy the minions that I have created. Well that is what I have done,” Rithin replied while he was walking to Ira.
Ira looked right into his eyes “How did you find us, no one knows where we are.”
“I followed your scent, and when I could no longer smell it on the ground I went up on the trees where your scent was the strongest.”
Ira smiled while Rithrin was saying all this to her, “So all the minions are gone?”
“All the minions that I have made and the ones that follow me everywhere.”
Jalen was not so sure about him, “Ira can you come outside with me for a moment please.”
“Jalen, whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of him. He is part of our team now.”
Jalen stomped his foot and was getting frustrated with the fact that Rithrin joining their team, “Fine, we can’t trust him. He could be messing with you and lying to you, how do you know he is telling the truth to us?”
“I can see it in his eyes and in his soul that he telling the truth,” she answered while she was looking into Rithrin’s eyes. “He has change Jalen, please trust me.”
“I trust you; I am just not sure I trust him. Just the other day he tried to kill us, do you remember?”
“Yes I remember, but I do believe he changed and I have faith that there is change that can happen to anyone no matter what. Please Jalen.”
“Ok, I trust you. If you do anything that makes me distrust you, you will have another coming thing to you. Do you understand what I am saying Rithrin?”
“Yes, I do and if I do then I want you to kill me. Make sure I will never hurt Ira.”
“That promise, I can keep and have no problem doing so,” growled Jalen
During time they had been talking one of the minions that Rithrin missed headed back to the king to tell him what had happened. When he got there, the king was waiting to hear from Rithrin, “Sir,”
King Darokha looked behind him “What is this? Rithrin sends his minion to tell me the news.”
“No sir, Rithrin has betrayed us and is now with Ira and that bird of hers.”
“HE DID WHAT!!!!??”yelled Darokha
“He also destroyed all the minions he had made and the ones that you sent with him, I am the only one who got away.”
The king, angry, walked back and forth, he looked at the giant bat man, “Well you are lucky you just been promoted up to my adviser and now, gather my army and kill them all.”
“Yes sir,” with that the giant bat man left and got the army ready for the big battle.
In the woods, Ira sat inside the hole in a tree while the guys argued about where they should go next. Rithrin goes back inside and walked to Ira, “Where do you think we should go?”
“Look at the facts, is there any sign of other people that will want to go and fight the king and his men?”
“Well there is a group of people in the mountains, but before we ever go there we will need to get the Indian groups ready for the fight too. They would want to fight him because he is taking their land and they don’t go like dark magic that he has.”
“Then that means we will have to spilt up two of us needs go one way and one go the other way.”
“No we can’t spilt up, Ira where ever I go none of them are going to believe me that I have changed! If I go by myself and you two need to go together, no one will believe you either. We need to stay together all three of us.”
“You both can’t fly on me, and she not ready to fly with someone yet.”
“Then you need to carry me with your crawls then, or I try to use my magic to make me have a ride to fly, but I am trying not to use that magic anymore. I have to learn how to use good magic not dark magic.”
“He’s right Jalen, he can’t use that magic. Would you please carry him please?”
“Fine, I will try, just because you asked me Ira.”
“Thank you Jalen, there, it is set then, we will go to the Indian tribe and get them to go to the mountains and then we will go to the mountains.”
“Our quest starts in the morning, it is too dangers to fly tonight.”
“Jalen is right, the king would know what I have done by now and will be looking tonight, too many will be looking in the skies for us now.”
Ira shook her head in understanding; she finds a spot in the tree hole away from the entrance.
Rithrin looked at her and where she was sleeping, “Why does sleep so far away from the entrance?”
“She sleeps that far, because the first time she sat in front of the entrance and she fell. Even thought she has the power to get back up all by herself, she is still scared to fall.”
“With all the power she has, she is scared?”
“Yeah, not everyone is perfect. She still has her fears and weakness, which is why I chose her.”
“You picked her because no matter what happens to her she is still the same?”
“Yes, that and because no matter what, she is the same and her heart is full of hope and love, strength and courage, even if she don’t know it yet.”
“I see that too in her. I think that is why I have fallen in love with her. All the hope she has in people and how she sees people for who they are inside not what they are on the outside, or how they act in the inside.”
“Yup, well, you might want to get some rest too; we have a big day in the morning.”
“Yeah, ok,” Rithrin lies near Ira, he looks at her, “night Ira, sweet dreams,” then looks at Jalen “Night, and thanks.”
“Night Rithrin,” Jalen looked at the skies right before he goes to bed.

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