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What in the Hell...

Name: Ebony Balkan

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17

Date Of Birth: June 19

Orientation: Straight... Or perhaps bi? She is rather contemplative when it comes to deciding her orientation.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: High school flunkie

Appearance: With her sharp green eyes and chestnut brown hair, Ebony had supposedly gotten these traits from her father. Her parents both owned big businesses, so the public may recognize her to be the daughter of the Balkan family. She didn't want that, so the girl had no choice but to try and change her identity. She let her short hair grow out to be very long and bought brown contacts with the money she saved up. Ebony uses it whenever she does not want to stand out... One may see her with green eyes at one moment, and the next day they may see her eyes as brown. Very misleading at times. But most effective.

Personality Traits: Ebony was once a very spoiled little girl. She can have a rather sharp tongue at times, but only when you really aggravate her. Most of the time the girl is pretty much a polite one who does not like to fool around during serious situations. She can also learn very quickly, if only she allowed there to be time for learning. These traits come more from her mother than her father.

Physical Attributes: Ebony seems to be a rather average teen, having the height of 5'5"... She likes to wear red and black things every once in a while, and sometimes wears a hat. Her hair is usually pinned up tightly against her head if found wearing one, so that she may hide her long hair.

Likes: Impatiens ((the flower, not "impatience" -o-)), white roses, light blue roses, standing out in the rain for hours on end ((one of those childish habits that she still keeps)), spicy food, and quiet places like graveyards where she can think in peace.

Dislikes: Learning anything in particular, the color gray, loud and boisterous places such as bars or packed cities ((though she can put up with that)), thieves, boys who either flirt or try to mess with her, and strawberries.

Abilities: She can see anything that is supernatural; say for instance a spirit or a creature that God himself has not created.

Background: Ebony came from a rich family that did not tolerate nonsense, though her family was rather afraid of ghosts and such. She did two things that were completely taboo in the Balkan family, and so was simply branded an outcast for doing so. She'd stayed in the house, seeing as she had no choice whatsoever, rarely getting the good rich tastes she was so used to getting all her life. The girl was locked in her own bedroom with nothing human to accompany her. She had her black iPod with a white skin over it, a television, a computer... The computer had no internet connection. Nobody to talk with. Or so she'd thought. One of the taboos she broke had started the other, which inevitably led to the reason as to why the teenager can see things that others cannot. Eventually she escaped from her family's clutches, and changed her first name. She has kept her last name. The reason why is still unknown, considering the harsh treatment she received from her family.

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Colonel Asha
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