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Who said anything had to make sense!?

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: September 22nd, 1986

Personality: Quirky and fun, she loves singing and playing the guitar. Very outgoing, she is happy and joyful - maybe sometimes to the point of annoyance. However, she harbors a very painful past, and sometimes you can see that past creep out from her eyes when she believes no one is watching. She lives to defy society. Mistletoe is also very random, and she has a habit of turning everything said into a sexual reference - it makes her giggle. But her friends have come to expect it of her.
Likes: She enjoys any kind of game, whether it be card game, board game, video game, drinking game, or sex game. You might as well call the nearest club her home.
Dislikes: Mistletoe has never been a fan of her name - Serenity - or of contemporary society. Because of her past, she also hates smoking and fears commitment, though she doesn't mind sex at all.
Hobbies: She loves the things that make her happy - like singing, playing the guitar, painting, partying, dancing, and well, sex. Secretly, she takes gun-training and self-defense in her spare time. And when she can afford it.

History: She grew up in Chicago originally, with a dead mother and a drunken father. Said father was also incestuous, and a drug-dealer. Because of this lovely combination of three, Mistletoe suffered throughout her middle and high school years. However, on the surface, her father was a wealthy, successful business man, so when she cried out that he was abusing her, no one believed her, and she was punished severely, nearly dying on her living room floor when she was sixteen. Because of her father, Mistletoe grew up drinking and became a heroin addict when she was fourteen, her father using the addiction against her to get what he wanted, inviting his friends to join. Despite being an intelligent girl, Mistletoe's grades were horrible, and she dropped out of high school at seventeen because on her father's orders, his father's connections faking her a high school diploma, with the claim that she had graduated early. When she was eighteen, she ran from her father, somehow making her way to the bohemian part of New York City. One would think that such mental and sexual abuse would cause her to be terrified of sex, but her mind reacted entirely the opposite thanks to the drugs, blaming commitment in all forms rather than lust and physical attraction. Because of this, she's never had a boyfriend, but she's had plenty of 'buddies'. When she was thirteen, her father also took the liberty of giving her a tattoo - the word 'WHORE' in beautiful lettering, framed by angel wings - in between her shoulder blades. She got the phoenix tattoo when she was nineteen in hopes of covering it up. She is still a heroin addict, but is trying to fight the addiction. Nowadays, she is a struggling artist trying to make her way while dancing and waitressing at a club near her small apartment. Nobody knows about her past OR her addiction.

Appearance: Mistletoe is a bit taller than others, standing at 5'11 and quite possibly still growing. Because she always wears red eye contacts, no one really knows what her real eye color is. Her hair is a dark black, she most recently weighed in at 126.3 pounds, and she has a fetish for body art. She shows this by having her ears pierced seven times each, spider bites on the left side of her lower lip, a small nose jewel, and three eyebrow piercings. She also has a belly button piercing, and beneath her sweaters and t-shirts she has several tattoos, the most noticeable being a massive purple and red phoenix on her back. Around her throat, in elegant Gothic writing, lay the words she lives by: "There's a door open to walk through." On her hip bone she bears a small blue swallow with a four-leaf clover in its beak, while on the back of her right hand she has two purple and green abstract dragonflies, created using circles and rectangles.
Wardrobe: Though she is a cheerful, colorful character, she wears mostly dark clothes - staying with black and red shirts and sweaters and stripped leggings. She's usually seen skipping around her section of New York with a black mullet, a red heart-shaped pin in her hair, a black scarf, a white tank-top with a red cross at the center, a black knee-high skirt with black ruffles, red and white stripped stockings, black leg-warmers, and red tennis shoes. She is very pale, and usually wraps one wrist in red bandages while dressing the other in white. She carries a black shoulder bag with another red cross at the center. That same cross is also stitched into both ends of her scarf.

Though she claims her favorite color is purple, she - reportedly - owns no article of clothing that color. When asked about this, she merely smiles - a little wistfully - and replies, "Surrounding myself with what I hate makes me motivated." This means its safe to assume something about her past - maybe involving her father - made her grow to despise the color 'red'.


David Reece - Friend and fellow artist, fellow gamer
Adam Obstella - He frequently DJs at the club she dances at. They know each other.
Colin Fletcher - They don't know each other, but Mistletoe often seeks him out just so she can listen to him play. I suppose you could call her a bit of a 'stalker'.
Alena Hart - Mistletoe doesn't like her at all - probably because she's secretly jealous that a person so pure could still exist at that age, but outwardly she proclaims Alena's pathetic attempts to act mature when she's obviously not just piss her off. Mistletoe rarely ever gets angry, but when Alena is involved, you will SEE that side of her. The serious side of Mistletoe appears when Alena puts a single toe out of line.

Objective:"Well... I just really wanna be a pirate, heheh. ;P But I'm pretending to be a ninja at the moment! Check back in with me later! : D"

Community Member
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