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Sol's Secret Stash of Stuff
All my poems. ALL of them. And yes, some of them are about PREVIOUS relationships. None that has to do with any during THIS year. ^^''
Not Enough

Not Enough

Am I not perfect
Perfect in its eyes
Eyes of a killer
A non-believer, A 'trespasser'
Is that what I am?
Am I that broken
Broken like a toy in the corner?

Because I'm not what it wants
Wanting a person that is normal
Normal isn't real
Fake, difference is a dissapointment
I'm sorry I'm unreal
Unreal in the eyes of the green, green grass
Grass is the thing that takes me away...

I miss it, my drug
Drugs, things that love
Loves me, its slave!
Where is it?
Deep in those forbidding eyes
Eyes of a killer
Killer of the MIND



Here you are
Here I am
You're so far away
From me today

Come with me
Take me away
Away to a place
Where you care

Oh please, stop, go and dissapear
You are nothing to me
You cry, my name so falling
It hurts to hear you whisper

Oh please, stop, I'm alone
So very lonely
You forget and I can't breathe
And I thought we meant something...

Lead me to Death

Lead me to Death

Lying broken
Broken on the floor
Crying, hoping, wishing
You'd come back
Back to pick me up
And tell me it's okay

But you never came back
Back to love me
The one I thought you cared about
But you didn't
Didn't come home
Home to me, to us
Us, together for life

Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

How soft and tenderly
You are
As wicked as can be
Oh how
Could you do this to me (darling)?

You see,
I was a love-struck fool
And you
Made every single Rule
And I
Could never do things right
For you

~Everything was just way too perfect
Cut it down, you'll learn you were all it
All the things I wish I could do
Were never good
Never right
Never, Never~

Were you so Devious?
Don't you
See you were breaking us
Did I ever mean something
To you...?

We were
All most Perfect
But you
Had to go ruin it
What was
Your purpose anyway
My love?

~My love, my darliong
What happened to us?
I'm falling, I'm dying
And everything's in dust

You're hopeless, you're deathly
I bid you ado
I hate you, I love you
What happened to our cue?~

--Don't forget how we used to be
Don't forget what we were
Don't forget that we loved each other
Now...it's all a blur--

A Valentine For You

A Valentine For You

A day of different shades of red
A day where there is no trace of dread
A day of love, of hearts, of kisses
Where dreams of forever become wishes

Where your one true love is there for you
Through thick and thin, when glad or blue
I'll always be here, don't forget
A shoulder to lean on, to let out regret

A person that cares and will tell you all
Will catch you softly when you fall
A holder of secrets, of wants, of dreams
A helper to someone in need to cream(lol)

But beyond all the dreams, desires, and needs
There are little love keepers that plant love seeds
That bind two together through all the bad
That keep them from splitting and being so sad

The lovers are happy and will always be
That is what happened between you adn me
And, hopefully, Cupid did not miss ya
My sweet, loving, and darling Klarisa



Spinning, twirling, faster faster
Touch me hard like you're my master
It's kissing, groping, ********, oh-god!
You reach my spot with wet, hot rod

It's teeth and sweat and need and hope
Breathe our love like breathing dope
It's ********, it's thrust, it's gasp, it's moan
Your deepening voice reaches home

Your cries bounce walls in echoing bathrooms
It's jerk and gasp and now it's bedrooms
Your name, so grasping, it's something I need now
Touch me, please me, like only you know how



Love is like a page
written over and over again
Journal's keep secrets
Like lovers and secret sins

Tear another page out it has him written over it
Write a new page about a new lover to screw again

Beaten and battered, losing a page every other day
This is the journal of a broken up teenage girl

~A journal is a vessel that can keep everything
Will never spill a secret like a true friend would
Back-stabbers and boyfriends, best friends and more
This is a journal filled with Drama galore~

His name I'll never tell but his story I will
This is a boy that'll never grow old
Cries over something he'll never get
These are the boys that'll you'll soon forget

He walked like a man but that's only a fault
Learn the true him, you've made a mistake
He said 'I love you', thought it was true
Found him with another girl my hatred grew

~A journal is a vessel that can keep everything
Will never spill a secret like a true friend would
Back-stabbers and boyfriends, best friends and more
This is a journal filled with Drama galore~

I think I found my lover, swore I did
She was everything I looked for, and much much more
She found me very lost, and so confused
We kissed just once and our two hearts fused

Our love was forever, I thought it'd go further
But it ended so sudden, I almost died
But those times were amazing, and I loved them so
I really did hate seeing her go

~A journal is a vessel that can keep everything
Will never spill a secret like a true friend would
Back-stabbers and boyfriends, best friends and more
This is a journal filled with Drama galore~

Hidden in the shadows of my saddened journal
I'll hopefully find my 'only one'
Though I think I did, I will never know
I will keep it a secret, and will never tell

My journal and I are the only ones
That'll know my little secret all too well
I'll never tell my friends, they'll just spread it around
And soon it'll be all over town



Red, yellow, orange, blue
And other rainbow colors, too
Black and white can live together
A world in peace would last forever

But phobic pigs will kill it all
They take up bricks and build a wall
To keep out things that don't belong
They say it's SICK, they say it's WRONG

It's things like that that rules this planet
Peace and love will help, but can it?
The phobes would leave without a trace
That's what would happen if I ruled this place

Diary of Lies

Diary of Lies

Bash your head against a wall
Scream insanities; let it fall
The blade bites hard and crimson shows
Time to wear your long-sleeved clothes

Yes, I know, your life bites
That's why you never sleep at night
Oh, but wait, you're not done
You're bleeding red has just begun

Scissors, blades, cuts and more
Is that your blood on the floor?
Your one of them, one of us
There's no one else that you can trust

We are them, and they are you
Is this all so very true?
Are these the friends that you buy?
Or is this your Diary of Lies?

Don't forget who you are
The girl in the mirror isn't far
Find yourself, don't look back
It's the people you meet that are whack

So don't be dumb, just be you
Find those people, find your crew
Just remember who you are
And I will not be very far

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