Chapter 6: The Kill

I arrived back at the house where I saw Uncle Robert waiting for me at the door. I saw the angry look on his face and all I could say with blood all over me was "I am sorry"

"Is that all you can say?" Uncle Robert asked. I said nothing just looked at him. I couldn't say anything anyways, because I felt bad as it is.

I saw him look at me and his eyes widened. "You have blood all over you." He said. I averted my gaze away from him.

"Yes" I said sadly.

"What have you done?" He asked me.

"I killed some humans" I answered.

"Kill humans? You sound like your not human yourself." Uncle Robert said.

I nodded, it's now or never to tell him the truth. He is my Uncle after all.

"I died that night." I started to say.

"What night?" I saw the confused look on his face.

"The day you found me at the beach"

"That is why I could not find a pulse on you." I nodded after he said that.

"God brought me back to life as a diclonius so I could kill a person named, Kakuzawa. God gave me that mission and I accepted without knowing what truly is happening to me."

"Oh my, God" Uncle Robert said.

"Yes it is God who did this. He gave me a gift, but it might be more then I can handle."

"Why did you kill humans"

"There is a voice inside of me, that tells me to kill. It sent me images of blood and you dead. I got scared so I ran out of the house. It forced me to kill those humans."

"Get out" I heard my Uncle say.

"What?" I said surprised.

"You heard me." I could hear the anger in his voice.

"Why?" I asked tears streaming down my face.

"I cannot have a killer living in my home."

"I understand, Uncle Robert. I will leave. I need to get my stuff packed." My tears stopped

"Leave your stuff here"

"Why?" I asked confused out of my mind.

"You will not need your stuff, monster." I gasped as he said the word I hated to hear, monster. Am I really a monster? I wondered.

"You should kill him" I heard the voice say again.

I laughed loudly as I snapped. I calmed down enough to say "So I am a monster, huh?" I asked. I saw the scared look on my Uncle's face as he ran into the other room. I followed him into the room where he went into.

There is no place for me here. No place at all.

"Then make a place for yourself." For once I listened to the, voice that told me to kill mankind. It may be my mission to rescue mankind, but my Uncle. No this man wants me out of his house. He is now pointing a gun at me. I had no emotion on my face except for utter happiness.

"Die" He said and shot the gun. I blocked the bullets with my vectors.

"It is no use. I will not die." I sent my vectors at him and ripped one of his arms of. The arm that held the gun. I saw him grab the place that once held his arm.

He screamed and that was like music to my ears. I ripped another arm off. His screams of agony filled me with joy. I decided not to drag out his death any longer. I had my vectors wrap around his head. "Any last words, Uncle Robert."

"Damn you to hell" I pulled his head off with more blood going on me.

I walked out the door not needing my stuff. I can always steal some from stores. I can't live here anymore either. "Goodbye, Uncle" I then walked out of the house and onto the streets of Kamakura that will now be my home.

"You did well, Ashley" The voice praised me.

"Shut up" I said and walked down the streets. "I killed my Uncle" I said not wanting to believe I was the one who did it. The truth was I did do it.

"Fine" The voice fell silent as I stopped walking. I cried my heart and soul out as I collapsed to my knees on the hard concrete below.

"Why did this happen to me?" I asked. "GOD, ANSWER ME!" I yelled to the skies above as I continued to cry. I stopped crying as said to myself. "This is no time to cry. I got a mission to fulfill and no one will stop me." I grinned. I stood up and walked down the streets once more to fulfill my mission of killing, Kakuzawa. The person that is torturing my kind.