Name: Clyde "Peacemaker"

Gender: Male
Brief Title Description: Socially Challenged WMD Maker
Age Range: 23-36
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Most common roles: Scientist, Mechanic, WMD maker
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Consistant Background Details:
Outstanding Positive Traits: Neutral ground.
Outstanding Negative Traits: Doesn't have much of an opinion.
General Disposition: Busy.
Special abilities: Incredible mechanical inclination.
Combat Ability: Decent. But he is easy to get the drop on.
Weakness: Does not see good or evil.

Physical Desc.
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'7"
Body type: Average
Head/face/hair details: Longish black hair. Black goatee strip on his chin. Always wears lab goggles.

What I think of Them:

Clyde is fun. But he's a bit of a brick sometimes...