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Dear Diary,
Character profiles/back stories/ school dorms

Profile 1.Rayna Renolds
Hobbies biggrin rawing, singing, dancing
Character/creator?: creator
Total characters: a little over 15 so far
Personality: Kind, nurturing, slightly hot-headed, hopeless romantic, imaginitve
Appearance: Brunette hair, chocolate brown eyes, pale-ish skin with few freckles

Profile 2.Blain Divinnci
Race:Inu(like a neko, except a wolf)
Hobbies:drawing, practicing magic, doing covers of foreign songs
Character/creator?: Character
Personality: Loving, gentle, bold, independent, smart, strong
Appearance: Lightbrown hair, emerald green eyes, tan sin, black wolf ears, black and white wolf tail

Profile 3.Kaitlyn Feys
Bio: Kaitlyn is a strange girl and always has been. She's never had a "dream," to put it like that. Instead of dreams, while she's sleeping, she sees into the future, or enters her own mind. After one of her future dreams she discovered a Mech, one of the Rouge class. When they synced, Kaitlyn was only 11. Ever since, she's been on the move, fending for herself, hiding her and her mech from a militia hellbent to obtain it. She doesn't know why, but over the years, she's gotten closer. She's also learned the militia's strengths and weaknesses. Kaitlyn is still terrible at combat, but can use her defense as a greater offense. All the friends she gets in her journeys, though, are terrible. almost all turn on her. she only has about 3 allies in each location she's been. But their a heck of a good defense for her. Kaitlyn still has yet to find someone else who has obtained a mech who is being chased by the militia, and is hoping to find one soon and get help.
Appearance: Red hair in high pigtails, red eyes, light skin, white t-shirt, black skirt with a red belt with a gold cross, black stockings, black boots

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Dorm room 1.
Rayna's dorm:
A very large room. Bright blue walls with a king sized bed against the far wall. The bed has comforting pink sheets and deep green blankets. There are many windows, all open. The furniture is many summer colors, like bright yellows and blues, and there is a wall covered in art. In a corner, you see a drum set, next to it a bright green electric guitar, and a blue microphone on a dull gray stand.

Dorm room 2.
Blain's dorm:
A normal sized room with dull purple walls. A twin sized bed is pushed against the wall to the right, saving some space. A closet to the left is jammed full of bright clothes, which catch your eye. you see a large artist's kit sitting on the floor next to an open sketchbook. Next to it are some microphones and a laptop. The laptop's screen is black, but you see the power is still on. Everything in the room is purple(bright or dull), pink, or yellow.

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