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asdhaef kldfl;sdf

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This is one vivid dream I had a few weeks ago I think, at first I didn't want to type it out because it didn't seem fictional and it bring me to tears
Everything was white and then the colors began to seep in, I knew were I was, I was back at my old house were I spent my entire childhood, but I seem to be the same age as I am now or maybe older. Then I started playing with my neighbors, there were 2 boys I think, we were playing catch with the football, everything was going well we were laughing and making jokes. Soon my dad drove in with his favorite Toyota truck, he parked across the street and I didn't know why, I assumed something was wrong since something is always wrong. I threw the football to one of my neighbors as I shout out to my dad and walk towards him. he didn't answer or get out of his car, he was motionless and I was scared so I picked up my pace and got closer. I knew that he came back from buying his Bud Light. So I opened up the drivers seat and the Truck wasn't there no more instead my dad was in a recycling ben stained with garbage. I shook my dad roughly trying to wake him up, but his eyes woulden't open. In his hands I saw the white plastic grocey bag with the beer inside of it, and behind his back was a sign I don't remembered what it said but I was sure it was for me because I can see the pain in my face. At that time I wanted to cry, because I think my dad had died in the recycling ben. I turned around and squatted, the Truck had appeared this time, and I lifted my poor old dad on my back, I kept saying "i'm sorry" multiple times, I cried like I never cried before, the 2 boys were just staring then despaired, I don't know were I was going anymore everything started to turn back to white like it did before

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