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Dark Wing_Angel of Light
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Me and Him
lol..lets just say that we started off as friends in 9th grade in the begining..ppl started sayen we go out and he started to ignor me..then he made me so uset by that we stoped talking after the first semester of our high school year..*sigh*..10th grade came and i still remembered him but didn't really ever want to talk to him because of that..and u no when u like some1 and things are said u don't care cuz u wish it was that way right??well thats how it was in 9th grade when we talked..he met one of my best friends in drivers ed and i didn't no it untile she let me read the letter with pritty hand writen and his signiture...i still liked him but he liked my friend now so i stayed uninterested...well when they became friends and i wanted his # from her to talk to him about that situation...she had a boyfriend who moved to texas after they got together(witch was my fault) but wanted to try n dicide to wait for him becuase he didn't ever call or talk to her 4 months..i made the segestion leave him n go ahead n get a guy that u can see in front of u..well so it was it happened..but between that i talked to him over the phone and as we talked about that he said there were times we would pass eachother and he say hey and i say nothen..well as we talked and talk i let out the truth and said i use to like him and other stuff...he said he did too...it got into a deep convo that then he started to make me want him more (sorry this is so long) he wanted me then as well...he said he'll choose neither of us wen me n my friend kept tellen eachother u can have him...crazy..i no...well she sent her boyfriend a letter to say that they were not together anymore and i pritty much made him go with her sence i felt im never ganna have som1 in my life anyway...then they finally said yes to eachother...the summer came around the corner i didn't try to have a problem with it and it didn't make me stop talken to any of them...we became closer friends and my friend recived a letter back..he told her things wern't going so good and he had 2 jobs and he had school aswell...so he hardly had time too..and his mother always fusses at him (i heard it before)..she took him back and left Antony(his name)..he was hurt but tryed to confert him...witch i did all the time..as summer was going by he wanted to talk to me about something and i was with family..as soon as i was able to get away and have time for just me and him i had to force him to go ahead and tell me..it was a big situation in his mind..a demon in his dreams and telling him no1 loves him or cares for him...we talked all night as i tryed my best to encourage him..that night i got off the phone wit him only to continue my crying in prayer..i got off...got on my face..tears came down so hard it seemed like a hurrican...i felt a deep feeling that was sooooo deep i knew i never felt it b4...i ask god do i love him that much...i thought and i though..and i rielized that i really did....alot of bad stuff kept hapenen to both of us and we kept geten closer and closer as we talked that we were best friend..i told him how i was in love with him to the point it was just a habit..he knew for a very long time witch felt like forever and sometimes when we would talk he would say things that hurt me without noing it..something big happened with my best friend who was my longest frend...my bestest friend...she ended up pregnant or was in that situation of wondering and her mom did alot of stuff to her..it broke me down..i was helping her and him out..the next morning i was talking to him through text..b4 that we had a long conversation witch almost put us together because of a lil help of my friend who was hurt texen me what o say while she stayed silent on 3way...i was down and depressed like he usually was and we just fussed...i was sad angry and alot more at the same time...everything that happened was just...unexplainable..he fussed at me through text because me and my friend he use to be with were at school this last saturday in drivers ed and i was there to keep her company...he finally gave it all up fussen at me..tellen me he was in love with me from the verytime we held hands and even hen we kissed..he said alot that made me feel that i was in a romantic movie where bad things happen but theres a happy ending...i asked does it mean we go out...he said yes...so there u go we were prepard for eachother over time to get to know eachother to our deepest thoughts and today would just be the 5th day lol...but it feels longer than that..yea such a big story for a simple question lol sorry

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